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birthday cake

Bank holiday weekend is one for enjoying, right? We all keep our fingers crossed that the weather will be marvellous and there’s a lot of planning that goes into the food shop, will we have a BBQ with friends and family? Will we treat ourselves to some of our favourite products? Or is there a birthday/occasion to celebrate?

We had decided ages ago to go away this bank holiday, we were going to visit Hoburne Park in Christchurch, a part of the country I had never been too, we were to spend time with friends and so there were no fixed menu plans, it was all going to be a little… ‘Wait and see what we fancy.

Having said that, well there’s always planning involved isn’t there? A self catering holiday works fabulously well if you have taken some of your favourite things with you, like the necessaries for a Full English Breakfast for example, the perfect way to start a Bank Holiday weekend. (£5.64 = 1 x back bacon, 1 x packet of frozen hash browns, 1 x tin of baked beans, 1 x pack of 8 sausages, 1 x 4 salad tomatoes) that’s under £2 per head for a Full English!)

English breakfast

We were also going to be celebrating Dad’s birthday so a cake was high up on my shopping list as was the prosecco to go with it (adults only of course)

I have a handy downloadable list called What to take on a Caravan holiday, I wrote it out for me but thought it may come in handy for others. It includes essentials like tea, coffee, sugar, milk and bread and is great to pin up whilst you pack so nothing gets forgotten.

As one of the selected #MorrisonsMums I went to the supermarket to shop for my bank holiday weekend. It was a jumbled buy but a very enjoyable one, yes I love supermarket shopping. I noticed lots of the I’m cheaper products but I was on the lookout for special treats this weekend.

My first buys were for our car picnic, it was supposedly a 2.5 hour journey but the M25 was jam packed so it took almost double that, we were ok as I had snacks and drinks to nibble on whilst we winded our way slowly through Surrey.

Christchurch sea view

We spent our Saturday on the beach, in the image above you can see The Needles of the Isle of Wight in the very distance, I was amazed as it looked so close. The beach huts lining the prom were all brightly painted, we saw one for sale later in an estate agent’s window at the price of £150,000 in case you’re wondering.

beach huts christchurch


I picked up a few bottles from the wine store an Italian Sorso prosecco £10.99, Barbaresco Castiglione at £7.99 saving £2 and a delicious Caracola Chardonnay from Chile for £4.79 down from £9.99!

I got a delicious piece of prime rump steak for the two of us (£5.03) to eat with Morrisons own frozen Garlic and herb potato wedges – £1.00 and fresh vegetables from Market Street. That was our Monday night treat when we were home and sad that the holiday was over.

Morrisons supermarket

I love Market Street and I am really impressed with their special vapour that blows out over the fresh vegetables, it’s been at our local store for some time now but it was really like, space age when it first arrived.

For Dad’s cake, I went for the Avengers as it would appeal to the kids and Dad’s a bit of a fan too when he has time to watch with them. Our cake was £8.99, all 7 of us had a piece and there was plenty left over for second and third helpings too. We had four ‘blowing out the candles’ sessions, apparently someone cheated on one blow and poor Dad never got to blow his own candles out once!


Sunday was spent in Christchurch, we wandered through the town and were lucky to visit the Quay to Folk festival with live music on the harbour front, the girls were mesmerised by Miss Dolly Clown and her hula hoops act.

quay to folk christchurch


new forest

On Monday we had to leave our resort by 10 o’clock but we stopped off for a quick walk in the New Forest where we found some wild horses munching on their favourite New Forest grass, Alice did tell me ‘ We should have brought some carrots mummy. Horses love carrots.’ She’s right of course and I could have got a whole packet of them in Morrisons for 69p.


Here’s my #MorrisonsMum shop for bank holiday weekend, the cashier must have thought I was nuts taking a photo, I hoped it looked like I was checking my phone for messages 

Disclosure: I received Morrisons vouchers to buy the products for the weekend for the purposes of reviewing and creating recipe ideas.


  1. May 7, 2014 / 12:50 PM

    Wow looks like you really made the most of the bank holiday weekend! x

  2. May 8, 2014 / 12:22 PM

    You made me giggle with that last bit. That breakfast looks amazing and is making me peckish. And yes, I was full of smiles reading this post and seeing your pictures of all the delights in our new location.

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