Ciao Italia! Here I come

It’s that time of year again, I’m off to see my big kiddos in Italy for the weekend. I am leaving the twins behind with daddy and I catch a plane at 8 and not back till Monday.

A flying visit in every sense of the word.

aeroplane in clouds

Today (Friday) I have been packing, actually I’ve been packing for months, or rather putting things to one side for the day I go to Italy. This is mainly toys that the twins are growing out of, or presents I’ve picked up through the months, bits and pieces that I think someone in my family will appreciate. I am always doing this.



Trouble is this time round, I have had a major clear out in the twins room and lots of the toys are perfect for Evan. Why trouble? Well they are all big and bulky and therefore way too expensive to post, have you seen the prices to send abroad? Madness.

So I have the biggest suitcase I can put my hands on filled to the hilt with toys, books and puzzles, a snow white dress and a cup cake carrier (oldest daughter).

Jay Emme photography - Evan chocolate

Photo Credit: Jay Emme Photography


As the case passes through customs, will they stop it and think I have a cunning plan? Or will they simply think I am nuts? Who in their right mind goes to Folgaria with a case of toys?

Anyway, you know what this really means don’t you? It means I have an EMPTY suitcase on my return journey. It means I may just have to pop in and see my friend in the Benetton shop doesn’t it? It means that whilst we’re in Lake Garda ….

Have a wonderful weekend all :)

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