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Easter holidays and isn’t it lovely to watch the children play without a care in the world? I daren’t reprimand them for a messy room of an evening when I can see they have clearly had loads of fun playing with their toys, we’re making it part of our day to tidy up at the end so ‘we know where to find everything’ for play the next day. Sounds good on paper and no it doesn’t always work but we have years ahead to perfect this idea of mine.

We also have homework to do and as I am constantly saying I am amazed at just how much the children are learning at school. Our recent parent’s evening blew me away completely when I looked at their exercise books and saw for myself the sums, the writing, the projects completed when they’re not with me, hats off to Mrs J and her assistant Mrs G for the excellent continued work.

I do believe in a little exercise throughout the holidays, I think it should never be too much but enough to tick over so on their return to the classroom they’re not overwhelmed by the work load again.

skips crossmaths

I have been sent two of the Skips books to have a look at, I have bought them puzzle books before but some are a bit too boring and get put to one side, others are a bit too complicated and therefore are no longer enjoyable but become a task.

The Skips books are constructed around Key Stage 1 and 2, they aim to improve your child’s education and give them confidence with their homework, there is a huge emphasis on parental interaction, the thing is if we as parents are positive about homework then our children will enjoy it al the more too.

I have been sent two Skips books KS1 Crossmaths and KS 2 Crossword puzzles, I have flicked through them and like what I see but I will have to order another copy of each as each child needs their own copy.

The pages are bright and colourful they are set out very easily and are appealing to the eye. The one thing I like the most is they were developed by a mum, Ash Sharma, for her child to remove all the moans and complaints associated with homework.

The books are engaging and you can do as little or as much as you like, let your child set the pace and do their own puzzles when they want.

If they enjoy it it makes life so much easier and they are learning and practising their new skills all the time too, bingo!

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