Camping season – cleaning caravan time


Yoohoo! It’s nearly time to take our caravan out of storage and get it ready for what will be the third season with us. There is great excitement amongst the troops starting with Dad himself.

He’s been scouring t’internet for his next caravan convinced this will be our last year with our current one. He’s found bunk beds for the girls, fixed beds for us, awnings and all sorts of delights. He also wants me to check on Every Single Van he finds, which is very tedious as we’re not buying one yet. *sigh*

Anyway, it’s time to give our current wagon a good scrub after this long wet winter. We went down to check on it a couple of weeks ago and discovered the huge ‘coat’ we had covered it with in early November had been ripped to pieces by the strong winds and was lying on the floor. Needless to say we opened the door a bit worried about what we would find but luckily there was no damage in sight. No damp, even though we had placed a few bowls of salt inside before wintering it just in case and no overpowering bad smells, mind you I had left quite a few of those Magic Trees in there.

olpro melamine dining set

We reviewed the beautiful melamine set from OLPRO last year and also their fabulous wind breaker which was a real godsend as it creates such a lovely sitting area outside and stops the wind just like is says on the tin. Isn’t it gorgeous?

OLPRO windbreak

Well they also have an excellent range of cleaning caravan products. The OLPRO cleaning products take into consideration the space challenge in a caravan and also the need for environmentally friendly solutions that are Formaldehyde free.

OLPRO cleaning products

They’ve sent us their 4 products to review with the note 

These products are the only chemicals your Caravan will need Inside & Out, Top to Bottom to keep it Fresh & Clean throughout the year.

OLPRO Bottom and Top, All in One toilet fluid – listed as an essential product by Practical Caravan for 2013 it is now the number one selling product. Now there is only need for ONE product for keeping the toilet clean and bacteria free, add to both the top and bottom and hey presto, job done.

OLPRO Inside and Out, 7 in 1 caravan cleaner – This formula replaces the need for 7 different products. Inside & Out cleans every part of any caravan or motorhome. Use instead of Caravan Cleaner, Black Streak Remover, Glass Cleaner, Wheel Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, Hard Surface Cleaner & Fabric Cleaner. Pretty awesome don’t you think?

OLPRO Fresh and Clear – Now this one is one I’ve been thinking about as the caravan has been standing in storage for 6 months now, this product cleans the water pipes that serve water through the taps and takes the waste away. Therefore I can be sure that they are clean and therefore safe. It removes limescale,unpleasant tastes from waterpipes and cleans pumps. “If your caravan or motorhome as been standing for a while then run FRESH & CLEAR through your pipes to clear of any bacteria.”

OLPRO Winter Long – Heavy duty exterior protective coating over your caravan during storage. It protects against Algae, Dirt, Excessive water, Bird Mess, Tree Sap, Traffic Film. Biodegradable and Environmentally Friendly. This one will come in very handy in the autumn when it’s time to put the caravan in storage again.

OLPRO Sanidry Humidifying Tray – a semi-rigid tray containing a highly hygroscopic product able to absorb humidity present in the air and condense it into the tray – Exclusively sold by OLPRO in the UK

I feel as if I have this spring cleaning task covered now.

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