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If you like to craft on your own or with the children then the Cricut Mini Electronic Cutting Machine opens up an entirely new area for you. From making your own cards and tags to personalise gifts through to embellishing t shirts, mugs and bags, even crafting decor for your home.

It’s really easy to use and by simply connecting your Cricut Mini to the computer and accessing the site you can have a completed project in minutes. The online Cricut Craft Room holds over 500 free images and 40 project ideas, if you want to expand your library then the Cricut Craft Room allows you to purchase digital images.

cricut mini

Just sit back and let the Cricut blades glide across your materials, cutting beautiful custom shapes in moments.

So what can you cut?

You can cut images and fonts from a wide variety of materials including card, vinyl, vellum, fabric, chipboard and even thin foil at sizes from 1 cm to 30 cms. Very intricate images will cut better at larger sizes whilst simple images can be cut at smaller sizes.

  • Works with Mac and Windows computers (computer and high-speed internet connection required)
  • Cuts a wide range of materials including cardstock, vinyl, vellum, fabric, chipboard, and even thin foils in sizes ranging from  1 cm  to  30 cm
  • Connect to a computer and design on a big screen using the free online Cricut Craft Room design software in order to create projects with all of the Cricut images you own
  • Comes with access to over 500 free digital images through the Cricut Craft Room design software so you have immediate access to 4 full fonts, 50 phrases, and over 150 layered images
  • Contains a Welcome Packet with detailed project instructions and 4 sheets of cardstock so you can create your first project in minutes
  • Small and lightweight for space savings

Available for £99 from

Cricut mini thank you

Download the Cricut Craft Room software, connect the Cricut Mini to a computer, select a template and get cutting, it is that simple.

Select designs and cut fabric to customise furniture or clothes

Cut through paper to make cards, invitations or decorations, like the pictures above

Cut vinyl to make wall stickers or embellish mugs like the one below.

cricut mug stickers

Check out Circuit’s Pinterest page to get ideas of things you can create, like those featured below

cricut projects

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