BBQ season is on it’s way!


My husband is a very happy man when the sun is shining and the temperatures pick up as he has only one thing on his mind = BBQ.

This is when the man of the house takes over the kitchen and produces our family meal. No butting in or ‘interfering’ he knows exactly what’s to be done.

He’s in paradise as he fires up his ‘baby’ and to be fair he doesn’t create that much of a mess either as all his cooking is done outside.

bbq sardegna

We’ve been together for almost 10 years and as March enters our lives every year he starts talking about the upcoming bbq season, he was looking at his charcoal bbq the other day and asking me how long he’s had it, I am sure he’s thinking of investing in a new one very soon.

This weekend he put together some chicken kebabs to kick the season off and they were very tasty, simple cubes of chicken interspersed with whole mushrooms, baby tomatoes and green pepper. They were very good dad.

chicken kebabs

I’m hoping, along with the rest of the country I imagine, that after such a wet miserable winter we’ll be treated to a marvellous spring summer allowing lots of outdoor time and good food eaten from Dad’s bbq, with that in mind I’d like to put together a BBQ section here on Mari’s World over the next few months and to kick off I’m collecting all my BBQ recipes done so far together

Tex Mex Grill Steaks

Coronation Chicken



Cranachan Trifle


Plenty more to come

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