Flower hair wreath or Easter Bonnet

easter bonnets

I’ve been dreading the Spring for one reason only – it’s Easter bonnet making time and I didn’t have any ideas whatsoever on what to do for 2014.

flower hair wreath - easter bonnet


Then watching and playing with the girls I noticed how much they still love fairies and princesses. A truly magical moment that I don’t want to push them out of too soon as I’m only too aware that it doesn’t last forever.

Then the idea came, a Flower hair wreath fit for a princess or a fairy!

Once I had the idea I was pleased to find our local pound shops and Wilkinsons full of colourful fabric flowers so I bought a colourful collection, armed myself with gardening wire and a few other bits and bobs and set to.

The gardening wire is bendy enough to be able to form into a wreath, I took the measurements of the girls heads and wound the wire round and round on itself to form a sturdy wreath.

I then used secateurs to cut the wire and I wound the last piece round and round the entire circle to hold the wreath together.

flower hair wreath

I cut the flowers leaving a short plastic stem and I placed them around the wreath to get an idea of the end product. Then taking one flower at a time I wound the wire around the stem and the wreath at the same time, the longer the stem the firmer the grasp will be.

flower hair wreath

I made sure the end of the wire was poked into the wreath to avoid catching hair or scratching faces.

Once all the flowers are secured, I added four strips of ribbon to the back by tying in a knot and then adding a couple of staples (It’s a school day after all)

I also added a few decorated polystyrene eggs to each that I found in a local pound shop, again using wire to secure them in place.

flower hair wreath

My final touch was clipping on a butterfly to each et voilĂ ! Job done, one flower hair wreath Easter Bonnet.

flower hair wreath

Of course I have chosen large flowers, a strong wreath and bright colours so it’s a more fun wreath as it will be acting as our 2014 Easter Bonnets just use smaller flowers and less wire for a more simple wreath.

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