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Hands up if you have a profile on eBay. 

Have you sold something on eBay? Searched for something on eBay or bought something on eBay? I have and can tick all of the boxes, we even bought our first caravan off eBay!

eBay is the most well known consumer-to-consumer online company. It has a vast stock of products that will be sure to have what you are looking for at any one time whether you are browsing for household goods, modern technology, or fashionable items, eBay will have it stocked.

eBay are now using Collections as a means of showcasing all of the thousands of products that are on the site and they asked me to create some collections for them.


ebay collections


I have had great fun creating these boards based on a visual impact, choosing products I like but that are presented beautifully too (which may be a tip if you’re trying to sell something on the site – make sure you take the best possible photographs) take a look at my collections to see what works best and with a little thought you can add value to your item and get the interest of more buyers.

What are eBay collections?

eBay Collections are moodboards or idea boards, a place to be inspired. For example are you thinking of making over your family living room? Are you looking for a room that shouts out family and yet is tidy and easy to look after (I am) Take a look at my Family Living – Lounge collection I created to see if it fits what you’re looking for. As items get sold or become unavailable I update the board with other ideas that fit well so it’s a continuous evolution of living room ideas. I have created boards for each room in the house and a garden one too.

I had a bit of fun with this board – My Great Britain collection, after all every year there is an occasion to celebrate our wonderful country through sport, the royal family or just because. I had a lot of fun gathering all the Union Jack merchandise I could find.

You can also find boards created around themes, I have a Home Sweet Home one with lots of lovely objects to make your house more homely.

You can find all of my collections on my eBay profile and you can follow me too to see what I am up too, also if you like a particular board then you can follow that too.


ebay collections


I shall be creating other boards in the next few weeks so do watch out for them and also using the hashtags #ebayinspires or #ebaycollections will throw up lots more content on any search.

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  1. March 14, 2014 / 7:26 PM

    what a great idea! I’m not an ebay addict but this definitely makes it more user friendly and cool!

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