Ways of keeping your photos alive

Photobox got in touch and asked me to review their services and products and I’m really pleased I said yes because I know the people I am going to give these products to as gifts this Christmas will be over the moon, in fact I wish I’d ordered more now as once I had seen them I immediately thought of many others who would have liked them too.

2014 Calendar

A3 calendar photobox

This is one of a selection of calendars that are available to choose from, I choose the A3 Double page calendar because it will be hung in the kitchen and will keep track of everything throughout the year for all 4 of us, kids appointments and parties, Dad’s night’s out and Mum’s stuff too. Everything gets written on the page and everyone can refer to it as and when. I chose to add an extra to mine for a couple of pounds more – to add in a small photo on the girls birthday and a cheeky reminder on our anniversary day :) Prices go from £14.99 but there is a 50% discount on until midnight tonight.

I am REALLY pleased with ours and think it will make a lovely present for grandparents too. Husband was very impressed and asked if he could take it into work and keep it there.

Photo Mug

mug photobox

There was one special photo I took in the summer of dad and his girls and I know he loves it so I had it placed on a mug for him along with another gorgeous snap of the girls and a tag saying ‘To the best daddy in the world love Alice and Bessie xxx’ This will be a gift from them to him which I know he will treasure even more than his Arsenal mug which was stolen when we were on holiday in France.

Prices go from £8.50 but head over today and take advantage of their 50% discount.

T Shirts

child's t shirt photobox

This is a gift I’ve been wanting to do for some time as the girls have a treasured teddy bear each which fortunately I took photos of in their better days when they still had a look of newness about them. I have had them a t shirt printed each with their teddy on which I think they are going to love as much as they love those cuddly toys. Do you have an action shot of your son which he’s really proud of? Or a snap of your daughter looking or doing something they love? This could be the perfect way for them to treasure that moment and when the t shirt is too small, pop it in a memory box for them.

The children’s t shirts are priced at £8.25

A4 personalised Photobook

personalised photobook photobox

This I think is my favourite of all the products and one I shall continue to make now I have discovered it. I took a lot of photos on our annual holiday in France this year and of course they are all on my hard drive and I rarely get to look at them anymore. Now I have added them all in chronological order to a personalised photobook and can look at them whenever I wish.

You upload your photos onto the website and then start to choose to fill in the book, you can edit the photos as you go, cropping, enlarging and moving about until you are happy and you can add text to the pages too with lots of different fonts to choose from.

There are many different themes to choose from too, I went with vibrant and I am really happy with it. I think it’s an excellent way to have your photos to hand for everyone to look at.

Perfect for new baby, wedding, holidays, ‘life books’ and many many more ideas.

Husband was really impressed with it and said it was ‘possibly the best thing you’ve ever reviewed.’ coming from him that says a lot.

The book starts from £29.99 and includes 26 pages. You can add on pages as you go should you need more. 

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