Countdown to Christmas lunch

I’m already running through my preparations for Christmas, running down the freezer to make room for more and thinking about the Best Meal of The Year and how to make it even better.

I have my turkey – it’s in the freezer along with some delicious mini cumberland sausages to make pigs in blankets with and some sausagemeat to make stuffing. Have you decided on your stuffing yet? Husband has said no nuts, so no nuts it will be but I watched a fabulous idea by Tom Kerridge on tv last night that I certainly want to try out.

My plan is once the girls are at home to have to go for one last shop on Monday/Tuesday for the vegetables and fresh goods and the rest of the time do fun things together.

I want to rope them into the preparations this year that include decorations and wrapping but also making mince pies and chocolate truffles. I want to try a chocolate crunch recipe I’ve found and I also want to spruce up my vegetables for the big day. If I get time I’ll blog the recipes too! Ho, ho ho.

brighthouse kitchen

I love this excellent Christmas Kitchen infographic by Brighthouse with loads of interactive clicks around it that give out great tips, it’s really very useful, there are tips on how to organise your fridge – always make sure any uncooked meat is below any cooked meat and cover food is two of my top tips.

Click on the turkey and you get a whole load of ideas for the perfect christmas dinner.

Clicking on the radio made me smile as the ultimate Christmas playlist comes up, my sister in law, who is Christmas music crazy would LOVE this.

Importantly is the bin section which focuses on food waste, remember there are so many recipes you can find to use up leftovers, some of my own favourites to bookmark are 

Turkey and ham pie – this is VERY good, trust me and packed with meat. I love a meat packed pie don’t you?

You could try these Turkey puff parcels using dome ready to roll puff pastry and adapting the mixture to use up your leftovers

and of course don’t forget a very simple Turkey stir fry

Cheeseboard quiche – I love cheese but when it’s just bits leftover don’t throw them away make this quiche, the kids will love it

Another cheese recipe is my Quattro formaggi and chorizo quiche – that’s Italian for 4 cheese but by adding a bit of chorizo or spicy salami (maybe leftover from the antipasto) hey presto you have a delicious quiche to serve up for a tea, use easy roll shortcrust but always take it out of the fridge about 20 minutes before working it to allow the temperature to rise ;)

Head over and take a look, it’s fun and very useful too

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