How to give your bedroom that look of luxury

Guest post by Vita Interiors

Being a parent is a thoroughly rewarding yet exhausting experience, and getting any time to relax can seem like an impossible task, especially when there are toys cluttering many rooms of your home.


To help you unwind at the end of a busy day of parenthood, make sure you pay special attention to your bedroom; keep it toy-free wherever possible, and add a few little touches to make your boudoir feel like a haven of peace and relaxation. 

Here’s a few ideas to revamp your rest space and give your sleeping quarters a few decadent touches – all without breaking the bank.

Choose your colour carefully

You’d be amazed at how much a simple lick of paint can do for your bedroom. Do away with bright, garish colours and stick to soft, neutral palates or light pastel colours to add an element of calm to your night-time. 

For a truly magnificent makeover, add gold edging and accessories to your skirting boards, curtain poles and wardrobe doors – the smallest touches can make all the difference.

Find your favourite furniture 

Lavishness often comes at a price, especially if you’ve got your eye on a few designer pieces. However, there are a number of furniture retailers, such as Vita Interiors, who specialise in reproduction furniture that is extremely true to the designer’s original.

Why not add a feature piece to your sleep space and give yourself a comfortable place to read a book, tap your tablet or get a moments peace from the busyness of the toy-filled lounge? Nothing creates an air of luxury like a designer-look lounge chair or armchair. 

Whether you choose bold lines, a vibrant colour or even one with a rocking base, adding a chair to your bedroom will give it instant glamour.  

Select your beloved bedding

Choose a couple of bedspreads that are in keeping with your wall’s colour. Being easy on the eye, they will help you to drift off to a peaceful slumber in no time. Nothing gives your bedroom the feeling of luxuriousness like layering your duvet with textured blankets and fleecy throws. This gold set from Debenhams is a good place to start if you’re looking for inspiration. 

In keeping with your gold-trimmed accessories, why not choose a couple of embellished or tasselled pillows with a tint of gold?

Disclosure: this is a partnered post with Vita Interiors, I hope they’ve given you lots of ideas.


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