Amatriciana pasta sauce – tomato with a kick

amatriciana sauce for pasta

This is a great pasta sauce for this time of year, it’s made with tomatoes so if you are harvesting this could be a perfect solution for them and it is also flavoured with chilli so has that kick that an autumn evening needs to warm up the cockles.

A little research tells me this sauce originates from the town of Amatrice in the region of Lazio and to do it properly you would use guanciale which is the cheek of the pig, I can’t find guanciale locally so substituted with pancetta instead. Bacon is also a great substitute.

The second traditional ingredient to use is pecorino a hard cheese made from goat’s milk with a lovely distinct taste, sadly I couldn’t find any of that either and so I used good old Parmesan which does just as well.

Allow about half an hour to cook your sauce and buon appetito.

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