Tesco Christmas 2013

tesco xmas collectionYou think it’s early don’t you to be reading posts about Christmas well I am writing this post on Britain’s hottest day of July… 34C today and with every window in the house open there still isn’t a breath of air.

Anyway back to Christmas.

In July I was invited by BritMums to visit the Tesco Christmas 2013 in July event at The Westbury Hotel in London. As the lift doors opened I stood gobsmacked at the fabulous styling of their event, a very creative soul had spent hours building houses out of biscuits and they were utterly amazing, my first thought was ‘How can we make one like that for our Christmas this year?’

Move over gingerbread houses, you are so yesterday!

tesco biscuit house

The room was divided into sections to showcase the hundreds of products on display and I was mesmerised by the lot. The gingerbread bunting, the vintage look cards, the do it yourself gift section including Belgian chocolate truffles and a Croque en Bouche that will stun your guests.

gingerbread men bunting

There are more tree decorations than your tree can handle and seeing as every year I buy the girls and my grandchildren a new one each I shall be stuck for choice this year

tesco church tree decorationand these booties?

tesco tree booties

and this birdcage?

tesco birdcage tree decoration

Talking of birdcages I loved this card holder and the key holder box at the top of the picture

tesco birdcage card holder

There were so many gifts I think I have my entire family covered, love these vintage games

tesco vintage games

I was also impressed with the prices of the toys, this wooden dolls house complete with furniture only costs £20!

tesco wooden dolls house

Then of course I took a look at the food products. You will find turkeys, salmon, meats and even lobster available. There will be a choice fo cheeses to blow you away and some very good ideas too – check out this brie filled with truffle

tesco brie filled truffle

Chocolate in every form, including turkey

tesco chocolate turkey

and the above mentioned DIY Belgian truffles

tesco DIY belgian chocolate truffles

This radio tin filled with chocolates caught my eye. Isn’t it gorgeous?

tesco radio tin

and my girls will adore this very clever cake made out of individual cupcakes that build into a cake centre piece

tesco santa cupcakes

I would love to have an excuse to buy this Italian Proscuitto that retails at £75 and comes with stand, knife and apron

Tesco proscuitto Christmas

And I really must get my hands on this heart lit with lights which will look fabulous in my home this Christmas

tesco heart light

All in all lots of things to look our for at Tesco this autumn, products available online from October – race you!

tesco christmas 2013

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