Alphabites – fun cereal by BEAR

Alphabites cereal BEARWhy didn’t anyone think of this before?

A cereal made with natural ingredients with NO ADDED NONSENSE. A box you can give to your children to fill their tummies before a hectic day at school and know there is no added salt or sugar.

Not only that, because usually food with no added nonsense is actually quite boring both in taste and aspect, BEAR decided to shape their two tasty recipes into a crunchy Alphabet.

Oh the fun the girls had “Mummy I’ve found a B!’ said Bessie as she shoved the cereal around her bowl whilst scooping it up at the speed of light.

‘I just ate C-A-T’ giggled Alice.

There are two recipes to choose from Multigrain and Cocoa Multigrain, both delicious. The cereals are high in fibre, low GI and contain one of your three daily wholegrain portions.

Alphabites cereal BEAR

They contain coconut nectar which is packed with minerals that help maintain mental development, help bones and muscles grow, help us to absorb vitamins and give the immune system a boost.

The packs are really cool too as each one takes on an adventure into a particular theme focused on an individual letter, we got P for pirates and currently there are 8 letters out there to discover with the following 18 letters to come over the next 12 months

BEAR multigrain and Cocoa Multigrain cereals RRP: £2.69

Alphabites cereal Mari's World

Disclosure: We were sent a box of each cereal to taste and review for this post and they definitely get the thumbs up from us


  1. September 19, 2013 / 7:53 AM

    This is inordinately thrilling. My kids love the Bear snacks and I’m overjoyed to see cereals for kids that contain NO NONSENSE. Like you say, why didn’t anyone think of making the healthy stuff taste this good before?!

  2. sarah hardy
    October 10, 2013 / 11:04 AM

    The reason no one thought of this before is because…it’s completely untrue! Bear Alphabites are full of added sugar, in spite of their misleading claims. 18% added sugar (why else do you think they taste so sweet?). They pretend it doesn’t count because it’s a “natural sugar” from a coconut tree…but sugar is still sugar, whether it comes from a maple tree, sugar beet plant or wherever…I bought these for my children because I believed the on-pack claims and was totally furious when I realised I had been conned

  3. October 11, 2013 / 9:51 AM

    Grrreetings from the Cave.

    We set out to make Alphabites because we believed that nature had a better alternative to the sugary, salty breakfasts currently on offer. Whilst a good old bowl of unsweetened porridge is by any bear’s standard the best start to the day, most kids just don’t see it that way, and three quarters of the Mums we spoke to said that their kids either wouldn’t eat plainer, unsweetened cereal options, or were adding a few spoonfuls sugar on top to eat it. We knew that to properly bridge the gap between happy and healthy, we needed to find a naturally better breakfast- so we set off foraging.

    We don’t use any refined sugar in our products- it’s why we started doing what we do, because all the nonsense ingredients made us growl. Instead, we make our pure fruit snacks from nothing but pure fresh fruit (which contains only natural fruit sugars and never any concentrates), and we make our Alphabites cereals with a little bit of coconut blossom nectar, the naturally sweet and raw sap from the flowers of the coconut tree. This lets us naturally sweeten our cereal, so you don’t have to add sugar to it and kids still find it tasty. Not only does it have a low GI of 35 – (about the same value as you’d find in a carrot vs 69 for honey and 70 for sugar)- meaning that you don’t get the crazy sugar highs and grizzly sugar crashes of refined white sugar- it’s also packed full of vitamins and minerals, and tastes really great, meaning we don’t need to add loads of other ingredients.

    You’re right, Alphabites do have natural sugar in them- but in the same way that an orange has a higher sugar level than a jaffa cake, to compare coconut nectar to refined white sugar isn’t a fair comparison. We have the lowest sugar levels of any cereal made for kids. To put it into context a bit more- there is around 15g of sugar in a pure fruit smoothie. even a bowl of porridge, which we hold up as our finest example of breakfast, has 13.2g of sugar in it. A bowl of Alphabites with milk has 11g of sugar and more than half of those sugars come from the milk. Milk is an important healthy ingredient for growing bones and the fact we don’t add salt to our cereal helps to that end too. So many cereals contain salt, which causes calcium to be lost from the bones at an age where building a strong bone bank for the future is important. Coconut blossom nectar itself contains calcium, which you just don’t find in refined sugar.

    We hope this helps- we spent a lot of time learning and carefully selecting the ingredients for our product to make it the healthiest, tastiest kids cereal out there, so if you would like to ask us any more questions or find out any more about Alphabites, just give us a growl at the Cave on 02071830621 and we’d love to chat to you.
    Bear hugs.

    • Douglas Macdonald
      October 12, 2014 / 10:05 AM

      These claims of “natural” versus “unnatural” sugars are misleading.

      Coconut sugar is predominantly sucrose, with some fructose and glucose.

      The “low GI” claim was made by the Phillipine dept of Agriculture (spot the conflict of interest) and had not appeared in a peer-reviewed journal. The PDA supplies a PowerPoint presentation by Trinidad et al with a graph showing results presumably from a single subject, since there are no error bar or claims of statistical significance!

      I’m afraid “nonsense” is precisely what has been added to this cereal.

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