Colourful Dove – children’s tableware Review

colourful dove boxThere comes a time in every child’s life when melamine and plastic just won’t do’

“I’m a big girl mummy’

“I’m a princess mummy.”

It’s been a while now that the baby cutlery is too small and we’ve moved on to butter knives and dessert forks to get the girls used to handling Big Girl’s cutlery but the plates? What if? is always on my mind but then Colourful Dove got in touch and asked me if I’d like to review their gorgeous children’s tableware sets.

I took a look at their website and fell in love with their clean and simple designs suing bright colours that cannot fail to encourage children to enjoy their food.

Colourful Dove were very kind and sent through two sets for us to try out, they know twins and wanted to avoid arguments from the start.

On arrival they come in a beautiful presentation box so would make the perfect gift for a child, carefully wrapped in bubble wrap the pieces already look gorgeous in the box.

colourful dove box

Now, I imagined I would be concocting something quite special for such beautiful china plates but as it happened, the day I decided to try them out was one of the hottest of the year, the girls had been grazing all day rather than eating ‘proper meals’ so come tea time we were all tired and ratty so we chose simple spaghetti on toast with some grated cheese on top, one of the girls favourites ‘quick teas’.

colourful dove sunshine tea

So ladies and gentlemen that day we had Sunshine for tea as it was such a hot day

Disclosure: Colourful Dove sent me through two sets of their gorgeous china for the twins, they decided themselves to swap tumblers so they both had a bit of pink and a bit of orange otherwise the sets are one colour only. Thank you Colourful Dove, proper plates for proper princesses

princess meals colourful dove

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