£50 bathroom makeover – Home Improvement Hero

My challenge was to makeover a room in the house with only £50, could it be done and to what effect?

Money Supermarket who everyone has heard of came up with the Home Improvement hero to demonstrate to the nation that you don’t have to spend a fortune to change the look and feel of a room. I took the challenge as I’m getting very DIY all of a sudden in the Weeksie household and trying to breath life into tired areas that are in desperate need.

I’ve almost completed our guest room and will be showing you soon and Jen at Love Chic Living has made me a fabulous mood board to work on for our main bedroom, click and take a look. I LOVE it, what do you think?


Anyway, as you already know the downstairs part of our house needs major work done to it and I mean knocking down walls, moving the kitchen to another area, patio doors and all sorts of other plans. The money we had set aside for this was used for our wedding at the beginning of the year and now we are starting to save up once again for a project that will cost at least £10,000 but more likely £15,000 and buy the time we’ve saved it’ll be £20,000.

Part of that project will be a new downstairs bathroom. Currently it has pale blue tiles and a plastic shower tray which after years of use is also now cracked.

As it’s going to take some time to save up the money and this bathroom is the one all our guests use when visiting I’m very conscious of it being ‘old and tired’ so what to do with £50 to spruce it up a bit?

Have a look for yourself how it was before

bathroom before

Spot the Nutella glass for his toothbrush and all his bits spread along the edge which were actually ‘tidied up’ for this shot. Dad uses this bathroom to get ready in the morning to prevent waking the girls at 6am when he’s up and making noise.

and looking the other way…

bathroom makeover before

and over the sink – this…

bathroom makeover before


an old mirror crying out for some TLC.

Bathroom makeover

Colour. I thought and as I already had the union jack shower curtain from last year I decided to add a bright bath mat for starters.

bathroom makeover bath mat

This one cost £15 from Marks and Spencer, they did have a Union Jack one but I thought that might be a bit too much.

My accessories I spotted in Sainsbury’s in white ceramic with a blue line and a word written on them following the trend of writing everything down which is doing wonders for the girls reading!

bathroom after toilet brush

The toilet brush was reduced by a third making it £8.33 and the toothbrush holder also reduced cost a further £6.66

bathroom makeover after

Husband has been treated to a basket to keep all his bits together and so far it’s working! Basket also came from Sainsbury’s and cost £12 reduced

bathroom accessory

I decided I could do more with the window to add a bit of oomph so I moved a plant from another area of the house onto the ledge and am pleased to see it likes it’s new position, I then used a glass container I had on the candy bar at our wedding, I filled it with sand brought back from our holiday in Sardegna and a few shells collected on various holidays

bathroom window

Lastly I treated the bathroom to a new mirror, again I found one in Sainsbury’s reduced to £16.66 there’s just one slight problem – it hasn’t been hung yet and this post needs completing. Will this be the moment that spurs me on to figuring out using a drill by myself? I really need to instead of waiting around for husband all the time don’t I?

bathroom makeover

 Total cost £58.65

Disclosure: Money supermarket gave me £50 to spend home improvement, I will be entered into a competition and could win £500.


  1. Xaain
    July 27, 2013 / 12:15 PM

    Nice Interior… perfectly presented, luv it x

  2. December 2, 2013 / 9:51 AM

    Your interior looks so beautiful. I also did my bathroom, kitchen and garage make over and was pretty much satisfied with the results though. But after looking at this post I think I’ve spent too much on that. By the way, thanks for this post.

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