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A great family day out we recently experienced was Sea Life London Aquarium.

At the desk where we collected out tickets we were offered to buy a brochure and an ‘Ocean Explorer’ notebook for £2.50 per child so I got one to see what it was all about and I’m glad I did as although too advanced for my 5 year olds this woud be brilliant for older children. An interactive way to get them to really look hard and read what’s on the signs and walls around them.

The brochure is full of fabulous photos and further information on life found in the oceans and seas of our world

The notebook is a ring binded book that runs through the entire aquarium, asking the kids to look out for certain features, fish and plants as they progress along their Sealife journey .

Each page of the notebook has a ‘Look out for’, Conservation Fact, Sea Life Sea Happy news and a WOW! interesting piece of information.

As each section of the Sea Life aquarium is completed there is also a machine that will stamp your book saying you have passed through. A perfect, economically priced souvenir that keeps the experience and information alive for long after the visit.

The journey is divided into 14 sections, let me take you through it

Sea Life London Aquarium

1. Shark Walk, a 5m by 1.6m glass walkway which takes you inches above the 2.2m brown sharks swimming beneath and trust me it’s scary to walk over as it seems you’re going to fall in.

shark walk london sealife

Then you arrive at the lifts or stairs leading down to

sealife london

2. Atlantic Depths

And here’s a couple of the many tanks you can see in the Atlantic Depths.

Notebook Conservation fact: Common Lobsters can live up to 15 years and grow up to one metre long, however due to overfishing very few of them do.

atlantic depths sealife london

3. Tidal Reach

tidal reach sealife london

and jellyfish central

LOOK OUT! Look through my transparent body; I have no brain, heart, blood or gills.

jellyfish facts sealife london

and the upside down jellyfish

upside down jellyfish london sealife

4. Ray Lagoon

Can you believe this Ray came over to us and looked as if he was waving and smiling at us!

WOW! Rays are closely related to sharks – they evolved from sharks around 150 million years ago!

ray lagoon sealife london

5. Dive discovery

An open tank where a Sea Life expert is on han to tell you all sorts of facts about starfish and even invite you to stroke one. I did and so did the girls

Did you know that if a starfish loses one of it’s legs it can grow another one in its place?

starfish london sealife

6. Ocean Tunnel –  leading through to some fabulous underwater plants

Get Involved – Many sea turtles try to eat plastic bags mistaking them for jellyfish and choking on them! Over 100 million sea creatures are killed each year by plastic debris in the ocean.

underwater flora london sealife

7. Pacific Wreck

LOOK OUT! Brown Shark – Can you spot us? We have a streamlined grey body, a square nose and all of our teeth are hidden from sight. We never stop swimming or sit on the bottom.

pacific wreck london sealife

8. Nemo’s Coral Caves

WOW! All Clownfish are born boys. When they get older the biggest, toughest male Clownfish will then turn into girls. So female Clownfish are bigger than male clownfish

nemo sealife london

9. Seahorse Temple

WOW! Male and female seahorses dance with each other. This can involve changing colour, holding each other’s tails whilst swimming and spinning around the same bit of grass. The whole dance can last up to 8 hours!

seahorse london sealife

10. Rainforests of the World

GET INVOLVED! We can help save the Green Puffer Fish’s home by purchasing cold water prawns instead of large tropical species such as tiger prawns, or avoid eating prawns all together.

rainforests london sealife

11. The River Thames Story

River Thames fact 1 sealife london

river thames sealife london

…and this fact …

river thames sealife london

12. Penguins: Ice Adventure

I’m afraid to say I don’t like seeing penguins in captivity, ever since the time we went to Seaworld in Florida :(

penguins sealife london

13. SEA LIFE Sea Happy

And a couple of great photo opportunities if you don’t want to buy the Sea Life ones

london sealife photo opportunity

14. Shark Reef Encounter

sharks sealife london

Disclosure: We, as a family, were invited by Superbreak to visit the London Aquarium in return for this post. All photos and opinions are my own


  1. Kriss MacDonald
    July 14, 2013 / 3:34 AM

    We took our kids to the London aquarium when they were very little – your post has reminded me that it will be top of the list for a revisit when we next come back to London.

    • Mari
      July 19, 2013 / 10:42 PM

      Good for you, it is an excellent trip and you won’t regret it. I think we’ll go back in a few years too

  2. Natalie | One Busy WAHM
    July 18, 2013 / 11:52 AM

    What an incredible day out. And those sea horses are just adorable!

    • Mari
      July 19, 2013 / 10:42 PM

      Aren’t they? I adore the seahorses. They must be the most romantic animals on Earth surely?

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