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tea indiaI am a tea girl through and through. Even when I was in Italy I asked my parents to send out boxes of the good stuff for me as Italy is a coffee country and don’t do good tea.

I love the fact that whenever there’s something going wrong in life, putting the kettle on for a cup of tea seems to already eliminate the brunt of the problem and suddenly you know the situation can be solved one way or another, the world looks a better place already.

I love that when I am really tired, I can fix a quick brew and it picks me up.

I love that when I have the flu or horrible virus dragging me down and making me feel dreadful, a cup of tea seems to work magic on my system and flush the bug out.

And I love that when I’m really thirsty a cup of tea can quench it, refresh me and put me back on the right track again.

So all of the above makes me a tea girl and when Tea India asked if I’d like to review their cuppa I said YES please.

tea india

They sent me through two kinds of tea and I love the packaging, it’s really simple and eye catching don’t you think?

I tried the Black Tea first, a 2 star Great Taste Gold Winner* (Pink box) and added milk to it as is the norm for me. Verdict: Delicious in fact I filled up my tea caddy with the entire box and even husband mentioned, ‘Really nice cup of tea’ without knowing we had a new brand in the house. In fact my grandmother even mentioned ‘What a lovely cup of tea?’ Whose is it? When she popped in the other day and she has had a fair amount of tea in her 93 years!

This 100 per cent black tea has a high Assam content for a robust, golden flavour. Tea India’s signature blend, it has been sourced by the master blender, who grew up in Assam, north-east India. His innate knowledge of creating the perfect blend, using only the top two leaves and the bud of the Assam tea bush when the tea is at its freshest, ensures a superior cup of reviving tea every time.

The second tea I was sent to try is one I called a perfumed tea, it’s Cardomom Chai, a 1 star Great Taste Gold Winner* (green box)

For a truly distinctive tea experience, Tea India’s Cardamom Chai blends premium tea leaves with exotic, aromatic cardamom. An authentic Indian ingredient, used in many traditional sweet and savoury dishes and to flavour hot drinks, cardamom seeds are often seen as a symbol of hospitality. In true Indian tradition, this invigorating blend is a real treat for the senses and will put a spring in any tea lover’s step!

I didn’t add milk to this one and although a delicious cup of chai I would use it to accompany a curry or some strong tasting food rather than drink on it’s own.

Tea India definitely gets the thumbs up from Mari’s World.

Disclosure: I was sent two boxes of tea to try for the purpose of this review


  1. Cliff Macdev
    September 25, 2013 / 6:03 PM

    Lovely website and you sound delightful. I live in the States but from the Berkshire Ascot area.. Anyway tried the cardamon chai and as you stated ,quite delish. Wish I had enough dosh to move back. Vinnie Jones was just slagging off the UK but he doesn’t know how wonderful it can be, away from where he grew up that is.

    • October 2, 2013 / 9:40 AM

      Thanks for your comment Cliff, I lived in Italy for 20 years and missed the UK a lot so I understand your feelings. I’m going to try cooking with this tea next – maybe in cake or biscuits

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