The week that was 365/24

Saturday 8th – It’s been about a month now that EVERY day I am asked by the little people, how many days to our birthday mummy? And quite frankly it’s doing my head in soooo I sat down with them and designed their own little countdown calendar which they have taken enormous pleasure making a cross each day, even going to the point of waking me at 6am to remind me it needs doing.

birthday countdown chart

Sunday 9th – A quiet day and a lazy one at that but we did make time to read the tricky words which they read off very easily, I am absolutely amazed at how well they read and we are currently organising a reading corner in their bedroom to use over the summer when they want a quiet moment (or me for that matter!)

twinkl tricky words

Monday 10th – I got my Panasonic breadmaker out again and made a normal white loaf which was devoured the same day, later on in the week I tried the Italian program and made Porcini and pancetta bread (below). It was delicious and I’ll be posting the recipe up soon along with a sweet bread Apricot and almond.

porcini and pancetta bread

Tuesday 11th – Messy desk, messy house = Tea break

tea break

Wednesday 12th – A trip to Specsavers to pick up my new prescription glasses and luckily I was able to make use of the BOGOF deal so I have brand new prescription sunglasses too. I’ll take a photo of them if ever the sun comes out again!


Thursday 13th – When I received an email asking me if I would like to take part in World Gin Day I jumped for joy and shouted loudly all over Facebook how lucky I was to be sent bottles of gin, rum and a ginger liqueur for the occasion … and then it arrived and oh dear, the disappointment, the disbelief. How can I possibly celebrate with a miniature bottle. At the risk of sounding ungrateful I will say I expected more I’m afraid but here it is and also your timely reminder that Saturday 15th June is World Gin Day.

world gin day

Friday 14th – We have finally managed to get the correct break for the Mini Micro scooter  (thank you!) and can now happily scoot to and from school knowing they can stop at the roads.

scooting to school


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