Mark Warner Activity month week 3 – Get Sporty

gymnasticsOn to week 3 in our Mark Warner challenge and our prompt this week is Get Sporty we have managed this in a number of ways fitting it into our week as we went along.

First to mention is on Tuesdays, since September, the girls have been attending gymnastics at a club local to us. The club has high standards and an excellent reputation and although they’re not pushing 4 year olds, they do start training them. They use the beam, the trampoline, the bars and other apparatus in the gym strengthening their muscles and building confidence. Parents only get to watch them once every 6 weeks through an upstairs window, this is to avoid any distractions and to help the young gymnasts focus.

I have seen enormous benefits in the girls posture, in their lack of fear in playgrounds and their general well being overall since they started. They are very close to gaining their second badge, I think it’s the head stands and kick up to a handstand that’s holding them back but we hope to get the second badge before the end of this scolastic year.


We spent Sunday at Legoland enjoying rollercoasters, spinning spiders, activity playgrounds and there in the Duplo Valley on the Raft River Racers we had a competition, Dad and Bessie versus Mum and Alice. Each team sat in a raft and waited for the contraption underneath to lift and tip them down the slide with running water. The slide was a long curvy track and we had to hold on tightly as we slid down. Some of the curves were high and Alice and I were screeching along the top at one point (or it seemed so) then as we slid back down in the slide we managed to let gallons of water enter our raft which soaked me right through. Mum and Alice won but not without payment.

mum gets soaked at duplo valley

We wanted to hold a few Sports Day events in the garden, like egg and spoon race, jumping in a sack, three legged races but the weather has not been on our side and when it was the girls were plagued with poorly tummies so this part of our Get Sporty week will have to be put on hold until half term when we’re also very much looking forward to Week 4’s challenge – bring it on!

Week 4 (27th May – 2nd June)

Enjoy a splash about -active family in the water (swimming, watersports etc.)

Mari’s World has been selected to take part in the Mark Warner Active Family Blogger challenge along with another 9 bloggers. The idea is to inspire other families and encourage everyone to stay fit and healthy.

Active Family Blogger Challenge

Your challenge is to commit to spending a minimum of one hour per week taking part in a designated activity as a family. We’d like you to write a blog post about your experience each week, inspiring your readers with photos and maybe even asking your children to write about their experience.

Judging and Prizes

Judges will be looking for a creative and inspiring approach to family fitness and the winner will be awarded a family holiday for up to four at Mark Warner’s resort in San Lucianu, Corsica

Our challenges so far

Go for a spin

Active Playtime

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