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legoland windsor

This weekend saw the official opening of the DUPLO Valley Splash and Play area at LEGOLAND Windsor and we were lucky to be invited to test run it. We had a brilliant time and all our photos can be found on the Mari’s World Facebook page

LEGOLAND dog and picnic box

Top Ten Tips for visiting LEGOLAND

  1. Study the resort map before you go and work out a plan to make the most of your day
  2. Check any height restrictions in place, if the children are under the mark they will NOT be allowed on, save the tears and be prepared
  3. Consider investing in Q bot depending which time of year you are visiting, they will save serious time lost in queues.
  4. Work out pit stops for the children to let off steam like Brickville, Pirates Training Camp where they can run around and play
  5. Keep an eye on toilets and make sure they are used frequently.
  6. Take refillable water bottles as there are plenty of drinking water taps around the site
  7. There are plenty of restaurants but also green areas where you can eat a picnic too
  8. Work out show times and fit them into your schedule, they also make a nice break from walking
  9. Take costumes and towels for Duplo Valley Splash and Play area
  10. Look out for lockers to store bags, buggies to hire for the kids and what to do with under 4’s

What to do in LEGOLAND?

We arrived to a busy car park and it was just gone 10am once in we were faced with where to go first??

lego family LEGOLAND

The resort is big and there’s lots to do, if you’re a bit like me this can be a bit overwhelming without a plan.

legoland windsor spinning spider

Our first ride was the Spinning Spider, we hadn’t quite figured out how the Q bot system works so we queued like the rest of the world and waited our turn. On the exit I spotted the Q bot ‘ers waiting and watched them all let in first before the others patiently waiting in the queue.

Viking's Splash River LEGOLAND

Next was the Viking’s Splash River and we used the Q bot – we walked straight on. The ride is great but you will get wet. You pass by a wall of spectators waiting for you with water cannons and they aim right at you so be prepared. There are dryers at the exit for £2

Pirate Falls Dynamite Drench

Next stop was Pirate Falls Dynamite Drench. A boat ride, this one slower with no spinning tub but still more spectators waiting to shoot water at you combined with the final plunge down into the pool of water below means you will get wet. There were more dryers available here but again we didn’t stop as the weather strangely was quite warm.

NB. Pirate Shores has been completely revamped for 2014 read more here

Treasure chest LEGOLAND

We tried the rollercoaster known as The Dragon which is in the castle, it was quite scary but the girls loved it and asked to repeat this later in the day

Knight's Kingdom LEGOLAND

Look mummy dragon footprints!

dragon's footprints

We had lunch in the Crossed Ribs BBQ we ordered four set meals, Steak baguettes for us and pasta for the girls, very nice and came to £30 in all with refillable drinks.

steak baguette LEGOLAND

I really wanted to see Miniland




London miniland LEGOLAND

Trafalgar Square – Spot the smallest LEGO models, each pigeon is made out of 5 bricks

Trafalgar Square LEGOLAND

Great Britain


Then it was time for Duplo Valley. Our walk to this area led us straight past the Raft River Racers where we were told ‘YOU WILL GET WET’ I hadn’t realised how wet. A brilliant ride, you sit in a raft at the top of one of two slides. Both rafts set off together and it’s a race to the bottom. As you slide the corners water seeps into your raft. Alice and I won but we both got drenched.

Drench towers LEGOLAND

Drench Towers was rammed with kids having loads of fun. A red bucket at the very top fills with water and once full it tips and empties out on whoever is below. The kids LOVED it, mum or dad may be required to enter.

Duplo Valley Spalsh and Play

For smaller guests there’s the Duplo Safari Park with fountains, taps and large animals on Duplo bricks, a gorgeous play area. Easy to watch from the side.

Brickville LEGOLAND

We visited Brickville (above)

The Duplo theatre

Duplo Theatre LEGOLAND

Traffic where the girls had driving lessons and were awarded Driving Licenses at the end and Boating School where the kids get to drive the boats

L drivers LEGOLAND

Duplo Airport

Duplo airport LEGOLAND

Fairytale Brook was so lovely I forgot to take photos and Atlantis Sub Store – A. Maz. Ing.

Atlantic Sub Store LEGOLAND

Kingdom of the Pharaohs, Orient Expedition, another couple of goes on The Dragon before finishing at the Pirate Training Camp


What a day and we didn’t get to go on everything either as there were lots of toilet calls luckily there are facilities all over the site

Toilet sign LEGOLAND

Have a great time because when you tell the kids the park is closing you’ll most likely get a reaction like this one

crying girls


  1. Otilia
    May 21, 2013 / 7:25 AM

    the duplo park looks great!

  2. May 21, 2013 / 2:05 PM

    ooooh it looks amazing. I really want to see the new DUPLO Valley. x

  3. May 21, 2013 / 6:28 PM

    WOW! Those photos really show it well. I took my daughter about 10 years ago and it was a miserable March day. The good side was that there weren’t many queues!

    And awwww, bless–the last photos. The end of a great day can be so disappointing.

  4. Reluctant Launderer
    May 21, 2013 / 9:21 PM

    Oooh, this is FANTASTIC. I sent out a Help Me on Twitter the other day because I will be bringing my rotten offspring* to Legoland next week and had NO CLUE where to start, other than ensuring I packed a hipflask. So this is timely and invaluable. Thank you! (*Not really rotten. Well, not all the time…)

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