How to Turn a Boating Holiday into a Magical Kid’s Adventure

norfolk broadsNow there’s one holiday I have never been on but that is high, very high, on my Bucket List; a boating trip on the Norfolk Broads.

I could have gone years ago, my mum’s partner at the time took my brothers on a boating holiday on the Broads and although the partner hasn’t been seen for years that particular boy’s break remains in both my brother’s hearts as one of the best holiday’s they’ve ever taken. I, at the time was a teenager and female so was never invited on their fishing trip. Blokes stuff and all that.

I’ve never been to the Norfolk Broads and I hear over and over again that it is stunning. I hear that there’s nothing quite like a relaxing holiday on water in the slow lane.

I’ve never been on a canal boat but have stood on the river bank looking at them, wondering what’s it like on the inside, imagining how wonderful it is, how slow, methodic and peaceful it must be.

I think if I were to go a boating holiday with the girls we could make it pretty special for them so maybe they too would carry the memory in their hearts for years and years afterwards.

norfolk broads

Firstly we’d all have to learn how to steer the boat! How to work the canals and the basics of boating. I’d most likely swat up on Narrowboat Wife’s blog for starters and then I’d ask my brother and his girlfriend who bought an old boat last year and have spent time, tears and sweat doing it up to look like the ultimate in luxury. I’ve yet to go on it – maybe this post will PROMPT THEM? HELLO?

It would be great to teach the girls to read a map, to track the route we take and help plan the next day’s journey.

It would be marvellous to rope them into life skills, washing up, cooking, tidying up and making sure we are prepared for everything, teaching them to look ahead and plan.

It would be wonderful to spot the wildlife along the route, have books on hand to refer to, actually Google might be quicker. It would be good to get them to write a journal of their experience, not pages and pages but the odd line with a hand drawn picture showing a flower, a tree, a boat or a fish spotted in the water.

norfolk broads

We could try fishing, I think I’ll be pretty rubbish at it as I have no patience but they could have a go, who knows it might keep them still for 20 minutes or so?

I wonder if you can see fireflies at dusk?

I wonder if we could turn that into a fairy story?

I wonder if we could make believe the boat was a pirate ship and we were the baddies? That would be a first for my terribly pink princesses!

Yes, a boating holiday on the Norfolk Broads is definitely something I want to have a go at one day. Penny over at Parentshaped has written a very useful post on north Norfolk breaks which has inspired me to make sure I get up to that part of the world very soon.

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