LCGC 30 years anniversary – Mari sings gospel!

lcgc 30 badgeYes we all know I choose some hair-brained challenges at times but this latest is my best so far and really takes the biscuit. I’m singing gospel!

Oh Happy Day!

Not only that but I’m being trained by the very famous Bazil Meade the founder of the world famous London Community Gospel Choir.

Can you imagine the delight of LCGC when they heard I was on board with celebrating their 30 years anniversary? Having sung with the likes of Madonna, Sting, James Brown and Sir Elton John even Gorillaz!! They could now add me to their long, impressive list of stars too.

Had I know they’d sung at Wayne and Colleen’s wedding I would have invited them to mine but my participation in our rendition of Oh Happy Day will have to suffice.

I cannot take all the fame as I am accompanied by other great bloggers; there’s Helen Wills for example from Actually Mummy and Sharon Donnelly from I Heart Motherhood too. Each of us sit at our laptops, we tune in to a Google hangout and sing our hearts out with Bazil. Here’s a screenshot of me taking part.

LCGC Marianne

It’s loads of fun and I’m sure there’ll be a music company banging my door down any time soon, it’s a matter of time. Even Simon Cowell could get wind of us, who knows where this could lead?

On a more serious note – I’m rubbish at it, Bazil will very patiently sing my bit to me (he tells me I’m a tenor – yes a bloke!) and I will copy him to perfection but when I hear the others break into song … well I forget my bit and just copy them. So Simon if you are listening, maybe I just need to go solo? Or possibly have backing singers, like Mari and the Butterflies or something?

London Community Gospel Choir 30 goal challenge

To celebrate their 30 years anniversary they’ve come up with a fabulous idea – the 30 goal challenge which they have vowed to complete over the anniversary year. It includes birthday parties at landmark venues (see The view from the Shard here)

Sunday 5th May – World Record Attempt

They are even going for a World Record and this is where YOU can join in too

The attempt is to be LARGEST GOSPEL CHOIR

DEFINITION OF RECORD: This record is for the greatest number of people in a gospel choir, properly conducted under concert conditions.

Your commitment:

  1. Attend the GWR rehearsal from 2.30 to 4pm on Sunday 5 May 2013 in the Royal Festival Hall
  2. Attend the Concert at 7.30pm on Sunday 5 May 2013 in the Royal Festival Hall.  Doors will open at 6.30 to enable the officials to click all the GWR participants in through the doors first.

You can find out lots more details on their LCGC website or simply buy tickets to this great event and listen to the best gospel music in the world.

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