I Heart London

big ben londonI was born in London, Paddington to be precise (the hospital not the station!) and my first few years were spent in Brixton. My grandmother lived in Waterloo and we would see her at the weekends so London really is in my soul. I’d live there now if I

  • didn’t have kids
  • could afford it

but I don’t. I live on the outskirts which means I can get in and out when I choose to do so. I have already taken the girls up on a number of occasions, they’ve been on the London Eye, they’ve been to the theatre, they’ve even walked up Regent Street and Carnaby Street but it’s when they get a little bit older that London really will open up a brand new world to them.

Hop on hop off buses

The beauty of London is there is always something going on somewhere – whatever your interests. When we have people over from out of town we usually opt for the hop on hop off buses. They are quite pricey BUT you get 24 hours, as it says on the tin, hopping on and off at various stops around the capital and you get to see London from the top of a bus. The buses have earphones so you can hear the history and you can select from loads of different languages.

Buckingham Palace

I took Tommy and Meggy to visit Buckingham Palace about 13 years ago and they loved it although Tommy did say at the time ‘A bit too much gold around the place mum.’ Fair enough to the lad, I wonder what he’d say about that now?

Taken from the top of the London Eye

Taken with zoom from the top of the London Eye

The Palace opens their doors to visitors once a year for about 6 weeks (I think) you follow a set trail through rooms and past art that is centuries old. You will not bump into the Queen or any of her family but there are a lot of people en route who can give extra information and prevent you entering rooms that are off limits. Tommy tried that one too! Your tour ends in the garden and there is a fabulous shop to buy souvenirs.

Madame Tussauds

My two really enjoyed Madame Tussauds. Tommy had his photo taken with his hand on Kylie’s bottom – I don’t have that photo anymore, I’m sure he nicked it to show his friends at school at the time. Megan sat next to Simon Cowell and I got close with Brad Pitt. Perfect day out. This attraction is connected to the Planetarium and it is FANTASTIC do add this on to your ticket as you will not regret it.

Tower of London

I love the Tower of London. I love the history, the myths, the Beefeaters. It’s been a long long time since I last visited and I’m really looking forward to taking the girls.

London Eye

Another must, even more so if it’s a beautiful day. The London Eye tour as they call it takes about half an hour and the views are spectacular.

london eye view

I could go on forever and I probably will write more posts on my adored London if you are out of town Holiday check have a great system of searching for accommodation that might be worth checking out?

Disclosure: Sponsored post but the tips are all mine ;)

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  1. April 30, 2013 / 7:51 PM

    Great tour Mari, I LOVE london too and one of the reasons I love having visitors is a chance to take them to London! I lived in Whitechapel for nearly 8 years so I feel I know it a bit, but of course that area has changed considerably since my day.

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