Is it the end of the Page 3 girls?

no more page threeSince November 1970 the Sun has printed a photo of a topless woman every day. The first photo was of a provocatively unbuttoned shirt and as the years passed so the clothes slipped away and evolved into the images of today with clearly visible nipples.

In 1986, Clare Short tried to introduce a House of Commons bill banning topless models and was ridiculed by the Sun who nicknamed her ‘Killjoy Clare’. When she repeated her efforts in 2004 The Sun superimposed her face on a Page Three model’s body and accused her of being ‘fat and jealous’.

Harriet Harman was branded a ‘feminist fanatic’ and Lynne Featherstone ‘a battleaxe’ by the Sun after their attempts to get the feature taken down. It seemed we would all have to put up with it and any claims in the press that such open nudity negatively affects a girl’s body image, contributes to a culture of sexual violence against women and girls leading to increased violence towards women were ignored.

Then Lucy Ann Holmes decided to take matters in hand beginning a No More Page Three social media campaign to convince Dominic Mohan, current editor of the Sun to voluntarily remove Page Three from the newspaper. She gained the support of the Guardian and in February this year Rupert Murdoch stated on Twitter that he was considering replacing the nudity with clothed glamour photographs – no bare breasts.

Mammasaurus wrote an excellent No More Page Three blog in November last year you must read it.

Last week we learnt that the Girl Guide’s Association has backed Lucy’s campaign and women across the UK are gaining momentum and spreading the word – No More Page Three

Personally, I will celebrate on seeing the feature disappear; I have always felt uncomfortable seeing it; as a teenager it made me feel I had to have enormous breasts in order to be loved and liked by a man. As an adult I believe there could be a link between violence against women and her portrayal in the press as a sexual object and as a mother I do not want my girls growing up with the idea that they are sexual objects purely for the entertainment of perverse men, they are not.

I signed the petition – you can too here

You can like them on Facebook and you can follow progress on Twitter too

Spread the word!

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