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Panasonic bird made out of soleplatesI doubt very much there are a lot of people who can get excited about an iron but I can. Honestly, I like ironing and a lot of my friends snort in disbelief when they find out the fact. As in most cases there was a point I fell in love with ironing and it was during my Italian years.

The snow would be falling silently outside, a great Disney DVD would be on the box and the kids and dogs snuggled up on the sofa. I would set to and start my enormous pile of ironing breaking every now and then for a cup of tea.

You see when you visit a shop in Italy – I’m talking clothes here – every article is beautifully displayed and folded to precision. There is an incredible neatness about the place that really lends to the excitement of discovering just what each folded piece is. Oh the delight on seeing an exquisite cotton cardigan unfolded in front of you and as the very capable shop assistant will tell you all the different colours she has it in you will fall in love and want one.

Made in Italy does not stop at the factory door, the whole process of buying and selling an article of clothing is a ritual not to be dismissed. The shop assistant will get out many different articles and show each one off to perfection and you’re more than likely to leave with more than you had initially intended to buy. That is why I take great care over my clothes. In fact I still have pieces in my wardrobe that are as old as 25 years and in perfect condition.


So when I pulled a Panasonic NI-W920AVXC ELECTRIC STEAM IRON (Silver/Purple) out of the hat at the last Panasonic Intelligent Living Mums meet up I was chuffed to pieces. My brand new Panasonic iron is beautiful to look at and I was very impressed to hear of all the thought and engineering that went into making the product.

close up soleplate iron panasonic

Let’s talk about the soleplate – it’s so exciting…

It has a HYDRAPOWER multi directional soleplate and it really does cut down on the time you iron

A Unique Double Headed Alumite Scratchproof Soleplate – the soleplate is made out of a material they use on cars and it doesn’t scratch. It has 360 degree steam and the soleplate is curved so glides easily making it light work for wrists and arms without compromising on performance.


It’s safe to use with tap water and has a clever 3-Way Cleaning System to wash away limescale deposits. with the press of a button you clean the iron after every use and there’s 16 years’ worth of cleaning power in there – no more descaling the iron!

It’s excellent and well worth the £79.99 if you’ll never be replacing a clogged up iron again ;)

I was going to make my own vlog and I will get round to it but in the meantime here’s the professional video from Panasonic

Oh and I was going to tell you about their vacuum cleaners and fridges too but it’s have to be for another time – here are some photos ;)

panasonic intelligent living mums

Disclosure: I am a Panasonic Intelligent Living Mum. I was given an iron to take home and review for this post. I do love the iron, it’s a lot quicker to iron now and it’s a very high quality product. The vacuum cleaner looked really good as well – better than a Dyson I may add and the fridge is to die for but I couldn’t fit it in my handbag ;)


  1. NadineHill
    July 28, 2013 / 3:51 PM

    haha I love your review Mari and the disclosure made me chuckle! Maybe you need a bigger handbag?!!

    • Mari
      July 29, 2013 / 9:23 AM

      The fridge is A.Maz.Ing, I love all the Panasonic products I’ve tried this past year. It’s been a fabulous experience being a Panasonic Living Mum

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