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roast chicken slow cookerNowadays a lot of my shopping, and therefore weekly menu, is governed by what’s on the 3 x £10 shelves at the local supermarket. It does mean I shop without prefixed recipes in my head and this allows me a lot of room for play when it comes to deciding what’s for dinner.

I very rarely repeat the same recipe as there are so many ideas out there and with the excellent availability of herbs and spices these days it’s really simple to ‘tart up’ your own inventions. I also find myself consulting online recipe sites for inspiration, here are a few of my favourites

  • BBC Food
  • Woman&Home recipes
  • Good Housekeeping food
  • Delia Online

I also find the words you used in a Google search can change what’s thrown up in your research, for example if I have a tray of pork shoulder steaks that are a bit fatty and maybe tough, I’d want to cook them in the slow cooker so they become tender so I’ll search slow cooker recipes for pork and with a bit of luck my own Slow cooker pork and chorizo recipe will come up ;) Talking of which I get a lot of traffic for lamb shank recipes in the slow cooker, take a look at the Popular Posts section in the sidebar.

spanish pork and chorizo slow cooked casserole

There are a lot of brands out there now adding recipes to their sites to encourage you to use their products or ingredients I have had the pleasure to develop a recipe for Panasonic breadmaker which should be up at the end of the month, again for that I did my research online and took my recipe from there with fingers crossed it worked out. Chocolate and orange bread – perfect for morning toast, recipe coming soon

chocolate and orange bread

Another search term you could adopt is for example chicken recipes on Schwartz the big herb and spices brand whose bottles I have seen in kitchens for as long as I can remember this search would bring up a more specific and detailed research and will give levels of difficulty in preparation which is handy. Or you could keep it easy and buy the Shwartz recipe inspiration kits like the Tray baked Piri Piri chicken which I tried and we both loved.

tray baked piri piri chicken

Do you have any favourite online recipe resources you always find your ideal recipe on?


  1. Jean
    April 9, 2013 / 2:55 PM

    Waitrose. They have some fantastic recipes on there ranging from seasonal inspiration, to midweek quickies, to full-on celebratory banquets.

    Also, Tasteologie is a daily collection of links to recipes from everywhere, the photography alone will make you salivate, and one of it’s partner sites is Liqurious, because well, you have to have a drink with your food right?

  2. April 9, 2013 / 7:59 PM

    Another vote for Waitrose… I also love Foodily! Thank you for the hat tip for the round-up, there are some super talented food bloggers out there! :)

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