Red Ted Art; Juggling chooks, felt strawberries and Easter craft

RedTed Art craft bookAren’t we just the cleverest people on the planet?

Ok well maybe not that clever but look what we made, some Juggling Chooks from Maggy’s recently published Red Ted Art book and some felt strawberries too.

Maggy asked me to have a look at her book and review it for her and you know what it’s like reviewing something for a friend, it could be very awkward indeed but as soon as the book turned up I let the girls turn the pages and watched them closely.

They stopped on a number of pages “Can we do this one mummy?’ and would go back to the book again and again for a quick peek. In fact there are so many ideas in there you’ll be blown away and they are all laid out over two pages with lots of beautiful  photographs and Very. Clear. Instructions. Which makes it easy for parents like me to get organised for a crafting session.

One of Maggy’s own top tips for crafting is Get organised. If you have everything to hand before you start you’ll cope marvellously, another tip of hers is ‘Step Back’ and let the kids get on with it. This is a tricky one for me but well worth forcing yourself as my girls surprise me again and again with their curiosity.

Red Ted Art craft book

Juggling Chooks

I will admit to being the major crafter on this one as there was cutting (precision cutting you understand) and sewing and I haven’t yet brought myself to let the twins loose with needles yet. I made them over a few days rather than all at once. I cut the fabric and the felt bits one day, pinned them together another, sewed them up another and stuffed and finished them on the last day.

red ted art craft book

Then I let the girls loose with them and tried to teach them to juggle, it was a lot of fun and of course when my Chooks are no longer required they can sit pretty in the bedroom waiting for their next turn of play

The cost to make them was minimal, I used an old summer dress of the twins they’d outgrown and a pair of pyjamas (penguins – er mine) The felt was scraps leftover from a previous crafting project, cotton and needle I had and I used pinto beans left over from the Bags of Happiness and stuffing leftover from my KISS cushion to fill them with.

juggling chooks

I have some felt strawberries to sew up and then some dolly pegs to use to make princesses and fairies with. Then we want to make the long giraffe, a stone family and oh so much more.

felt strawberries

Have a look at her book on Amazon or try and win one over at Red Ted Art it’s dead easy to enter and you won’t regret it if you’re the winner I promise

felt strawberries Red Ted Art

If you are on the lookout for crafts for kids then do please take a look at this fabulous 100 crafts for kids post, that should offer some inspiration!

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