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Hedrin ONCE nitsWARNING: This post may make you scratch your head

The girls started school back in September and sometime during the first term I was contacted by a company asking if I’d like to review their head lice products. The voice inside my head said ‘You might need that one day.’ But life got in the way and the email slipped out away forgotten. UNTIL that is Alice came home scratching and itching her head one evening as we were reading together on the sofa.

I looked at where she was scratching and to my horror I found an egg tightly stuck on a strand of her hair. Can you imagine my disgust?

Way back at Cybermummy I had discovered a Boots Electronic Head Lice comb in my goody bag, my two weren’t even at preschool then so I popped it in with other bathroom paraphernalia in a huge blue basket and forgot about it. Fortunately for me it was still there that evening when I hunted it down and I had the AA battery it needed to work.

I brushed her hair with a normal brush to get rid of any knots and then I combed her hair piece by piece. I found a number of head lice. The beauty of this comb is it electrocutes the lice, you know you’ve got one as the comb goes silent instead of sending out it’s constant humming sound. You stop, clean the electrocuted lice onto a tissue and carry on. It’s pretty vile but has to be done.

Not content that we were nit free I bought a product from the supermarket called Full Marks solution. It cost around £10 and the box says ‘Kills Head Lice’ that was good enough for me. I applied it to all three of us. It’s very oily and when I went to wash it out after the suggested 10 minutes, the shampoo wouldn’t even lather! I did another wash and rinse and still no luck. The head lice were dead and the eggs had been eliminated BUT our hair looked as dull as dishwater. I apologised to the teacher the next day as they looked greasy girls.

That’s not the end of the story either as although the school had sent out a text someone hadn’t acted and checked their child’s hair as poor Alice a few days later, the electrocuting comb detected more of the blighters in her hair.

head lice treatment

I repeated my thorough electrocuting combing technique and my next shop turned up Hedrin Treat & Go mousse. Fuss free head lice treatment with revolutionary Activdiol technology. Again around £8 – 10. Clinically proven to kill head lice and eggs without pesticides.

I applied the mousse to all three of us (dad gets away with it as he’s only got a Number 2 and a quick electronic comb reveals he’s clear). Again we had the same wash out problem and this was three days before the wedding. Eek! I also had my daughter and granddaughter over from Italy so we doused them too for good measure.

Greasy hair again, daily washes and once again on Monday she returned from school with eggs in her hair. ARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!

I was angry.

Here am I spending loads of money and diligently trying to get rid of the problem only to find that one trip to school and we’re back to square one.

I had a good rant on the class Facebook community page and I called the school and told them too.

I learnt

  1. The school no longer has a nit nurse
  2. The school can no longer send a child home if head lice are detected
  3. The school won’t single parents out but can text messages to all parents, only some parents do not pick up these messages and some, clearly, aren’t taking any action on them.

I understand we’re now too politically correct for our own good.

For chrissakes, if a kid’s got head lice let’s clear them up immediately and stop the problem.

I have picked up a few tips from other frustrated school mums and if you have any to add leave them in the comment section for us all to act upon as sadly I think there will be another time *sigh*

Tips to keep children’s hair free from head lice

  1. Use a few drops of tea tree oil in water as a final rinse after washing hair.
  2. To rid hair of the greasy products, fully dry the hair after one rinse and then re wash from dry – school mum tip ;)
  3. Use Vosene 3 in 1 kids shampoo
  4. Read Actually Mummy’s infographic for myth busters and more information
  5. If you find a live louse, then do a wet conditioner recomb every 3 days until you are clear with no eggs and no live lice. You need to bring the comb right close to the scalp and divide the hair into sections to do it properly
  6. Make it practise to fine comb everyone’s hair once a week with lots of conditioner.

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  1. March 20, 2013 / 10:21 AM

    It’s a similar story here. Before their bath (they got too cold sitting in the bath) we use conditioner and a Nitty Gritty comb – £10 well spent. This removes all nits and lice. After a week of this the boys were completely nit-free. Every day after school we use the Zapinator (Boots electronic head lice comb) and zap any new arrivals. You just know that there are parents who haven’t treated their children so I expect we’ll keep combing and zapping forever more.

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