Choosing the right home insurance policy

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Home insurance can involve a multitude of differing packages and quirks to suit your needs perfectly.  This is why you should carefully select a comprehensive package – this guide by Endsleigh one of the UK’s largest insurance firms helps you take the right steps.

Home insurance is about much more than just protecting your building against things like fires and floods; a good contents insurance package can go some way to allaying the fears associated with having a treasure trove of portable gadgetry.

Home insurance is by and large divided into two main subcategories: buildings insurance and contents insurance.

Buildings insurance can differ from one policy holder to the next in terms of whether you’re a landlord or own holiday homes and the like, but its basic credentials are often much more generic than contents insurance.  Buildings insurance tends to cover your building itself and fixtures and fittings.

Contents insurance can be adapted much more to cover your lifestyle.  If you’re a student or you rent your home there are packages for you and you can cover against a variety of eventualities including things like accidental damage, loss, and malicious damage.

What is important is that these two terms – buildings insurance and contents insurance – are highly malleable to mean what you want them to mean.  These terms are important as logistical subdivisions, but if you want to insure say a musical instrument or a laptop then you can happily ring-fence as you wish under the broad banner of home insurance.

A modern home is laden with electronic gadgetry and much of it is portable which presents a raft of new dangers.  A mobile phone can easily be lost or damaged in transit; the same applies to a laptop.  It’s easy to forget the value of these goods due to the micro technologies they possess.  Most home insurance sites now cater for these types of goods, often providing like for like replacements within 24 hours.

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