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Barefoot Books sent along two great books from their Animal Stories collection which are stories of animals from all over the world so not only can you read a fascinating tale to your child at bedtime but these books allow you to expand and talk about the world we live in and other countries too. The first book is the first in the series.

the tortoises gift

The Tortoise’s gift

It’s a story originating from Zambia designed for early readers, it’s retold by Lari Don who is inspired by her love of myths, legends and fables – three areas that fascinate me too, beautifully illustrated by Melanie Williamson it’s a tale of famine, all the animals are starving and they need to wake up the wonderful tree because it can feed them even when there is no rain. The fiercest animal tries but returns from his arduous journey only to have forgotten the name, the strongest animal tries but meets the same fate, many others also try to save their fellows from famine but simply forget the name and the tortoise saves the day proving that once again the underdog can prove to be a winner. I love it and the girls always listen attentively to this story I think they’re quite pleased that all the big guys forgot and the little guy saves the day :)

never trust a tiger

Never Trust A Tiger

Another excellent story that originates from South Korea. It’s a simple story that shows how some people in life aren’t what you believe them to be. Smiles can be deceiving and in this story the tiger proves to be a nasty piece of work asking for help to be saved and then wanting to eat his saviour. The eat or not eat debate goes out to passing animals to pass justice on this delicate affair. Should the tiger be allowed to eat his saviour or not and the day is saved by a hare who proves to be extremely clever.

The girls love how the hare manages to outwit the tiger and it makes them giggle at his sorry fate.

I would thoroughly recommend these stories, they can be read as a bedtime story although longer than what we normally read still not too long.

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Disclosure: We were sent these books for the purpose of this review

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