Leap Pad 2 and accessories

Alice with Leap Pad2

This is not a sponsored post, The Mister and I decided – ok I decided, that we’d get Leap Pad 2’s for the girls for their Christmas present this last year, the Mister went along with it grumbling about he never got to take the decisions which is just as well or the girls would be sitting with a Scaletrix now rather than these super tablets they have fallen in love with.

I managed to get the ok around September time and started to search online for bargains. There were plenty; top supermarkets offering great discounts and well known online stores offering their best but the best was a buy 2 for just over £70 each, so I did.

The beauty of the Leap Pad 2 is that it is rechargable and as my two spend time every day on theirs we have already gone through a box of 16 batteries since Christmas day. Each Leap Pad takes 4 batteries so the charger is one accessory I shall most definitely be investing in.

Bessie with Leap Pad2

It is very simple to set up your Leap Pads, the instructions are simple to follow and in 2-3 steps you are ready to go. Our tablets came with 5 apps pre-loaded and we could choose one more for each tablet. The app you choose to add on will not be shared with any other device which is a shame as I chose a different app for each tablet and one, the Alphabet Factory video proved to be the most popular causing both arguments ‘That’s my Leap Pad mummy!’ tears and more batteries!

There is a range of accessories to choose from and we were sent a few to review, you can find them all on the Leap Frog website Leap Pad accessories

Leap Pad accessories

The carry case

Available in two colours we were sent one of each (it’s the argument thing again plus the easy detection of whose is whose) A padded hard case with a zip closure that little hands can handle easily. Mind you they get them out but they rarely put them away! On one side of the case the form of the Leap Pad for it to sit in and on the other elasticated sections to hold any cartridges you may have already or buy to go with your Leap Pad. A definite yes from me, as it protects the tablet and makes it easier to tidy everything away.

Leap Pad carry cases

Gel skin

Cost £7.99 and fits tightly around the tablet. It comes in various colours, we were sent a green one and a purple one. The girls are 4, they are clumsy and have dropped their Leap Pad once or twice, it’s inevitable. No harm done though with this handy gel skin protecting the corners. A good buy in my eyes as the last thing I want is for the plastic to crack or to lose one of the battery covers, plus the more you look after it the easier it is to pass it on when your child has outgrown it ;)

Leap Pad gel skins


Available in two colours, green and purple, they are priced at £12.99. As many of the games are very repetitive with the same sound going on again and again and again as your child goes through the various levels of each app, it will most likely become irritating for you. Although there is a volume button which both children have worked out how to use, the headphones have come in very handy whilst we are watching television or for car journeys. I do have to ‘fit’ them on their heads as they can be inclined to slip and the girls struggle to put them on correctly. The length over the head can be adjusted. I have noticed however the girls prefer not to use them and will only do so when we ask them to.

Leap Pad earphones


I made the mistake of not investing in this contraption thinking that with all of the rechargers we have in the house surely one will fit! None will, LeapFrog have made their own and therefore you will have to invest in this £29.99 Leap Pad recharger for your own sanity, that or buying AA batteries will be forever on your shopping list and you will have to continually change the batteries too. I will be getting one as soon as they are back in stock along with the rest of the UK parents who like me decided not to bother in time for Christmas – BAD decision.


The Leap Pad 2 bought as it is has 5 apps on it and any child receiving this fabulous toy will happily have plenty to keep them occupied with but you will see that as they become more domesticated with their new gadget they will want more challenges and here the Leap Frog App centre comes into it’s own. I shall be writing a separate post on the apps available as we download them and use them


  1. Julie
    January 15, 2013 / 12:56 PM

    interesting post. What are the advantages the LeapPad gives over a standard andriod tablet do you think? And how long can you see them using it for (in age I mean)

    • Mari
      January 18, 2013 / 11:33 AM

      Hi Julie,

      In terms of advantages of the LeapPad – LeapFrog work with a team of educational experts (all with PHDs) to develop both their products and software (unlike any other toy brand) and so parents can be sure that their children are accessing quality, educationally stimulating content, as opposed to what LeapFrog refer to as the ‘snacking’ content of Android apps such as Angry Birds which have comparatively little educational

      The LeapPad uses audio instruction and so is perfect for younger children whose reading may hold them back from advancing with other tablets, and auto-levels according to your child’s performance on particular games (getting more difficult
      if the child is excelling, or easier if the child might be struggling). This helps to ensure that whilst the child is being constantly challenged, they don’t become frustrated at finding the activities too difficult.

      Also, parents can look at the Learning Path on LeapFrog Connect and check how their children have been getting on. This is great for helping parents to identify areas of strength and weakness with their children’s learning, and enables them to provide further support where necessary.

      I imagine the girls to be using this for a few years yet and I will source and add apps as they go to match what their interests are and their learning stage.

      Hope that helps and thanks for commenting, Mari

      • Jallie Daddy
        February 14, 2013 / 11:01 AM

        That’s really helpful for me too, thanks. Ours already play & enjoy games on Internet sites like Cbeebies, Nick Jr & Zoodle so I do worry that they may miss those, & even want to play them on our computers instead. Would you say the LeapFrog apps are at least as good?

        The other concern I have is that the apps are from the USA & so might use American English words, pronunciation & spelling. For instance Jake was playing a Sesame St game on Nick Jr yesterday where they said “fire house” & “fire truck” instead of “station” & “engine”, just as an example. Is this the case here or are apps corrected for the UK?

        • Mari
          February 14, 2013 / 12:17 PM

          My two love Cbeebies too and often ask to get the PC out even if they have the LeapPads so no they won’t not play online games anymore.

          Many of the apps we have downloaded are in fact American English but the girls understand all the same and play the games quite willingly after all many of the Disney films are in fact in American English. I think it all adds to a greater understanding of the language at the end of the day learning that there are different terms for the same item or object.

          I’d say yes, Leap Pad 2 is a great idea for 3 year olds and definitely get the recharger!

  2. Jallie Daddy
    February 14, 2013 / 10:52 AM

    As a bit of a gadget freak I used rechargeable batteries & a dedicated charger even before I became a Dad; then with so many toys chewing up batteries I found them essential! Saves a lot of money & time. I just have to be a bit organised (trans.: I set an alarm in my iPod Touch!).

    Leapfrog really don’t cater for twins do they? We find we need 2 of everything as well, in order to avoid WW3.

    Thanks for he review Mari, it looks really good

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