Home improvements 2013

Do you sit back and think about the state of your house, garden, life at the beginning of a new year? Do you wonder what you can do and can’t do?

I certainly do and although money will be pretty tight this year thanks to our wedding in March we still will do a few jobs around the house to keep it ticking over nicely.

What I’d like to do

If I were to be perfectly honest the entire block paving out the front would need lifting and relaying, I think the previous owners must have got ‘friends’ in to do it and I imagine they paid them well but it just goes to show that if you do take the cheaper option you’re likely to end up with a bodge job.

When we first took a look at this property in spring 2010 there was no sign that the block paving would deteriorate so quickly but over the past two and a half years it has sunk a lot towards the house, creating a muddy mess and to my great annoyance the whole area becomes covered in weeds during the warm summer months which take me forever pulling up and killing off.

The only solution is to take it all up and relay it properly as I have seen done on other properties along our road, I could do it myself, I could hire a cement mixer and seal the damn bricks together I suppose?

Nope, this is one job I shall continue to complain about this year *sigh*

I’d also like to re-lay the patio out back and build a wall along it instead of the fence which doesn’t even close off the property.

My dream kitchen and open plan living room is completely on hold possibly for another three years now but I will do the following

  1. Finish off the girl’s bedroom, it needs the woodwork painting and last year I slacked on this.
  2. Decorate the guest room – it’s nice and small and just needs painting to look fresh
  3. Redecorate the lounge as it already needs a new coat of paint.
  4. I’d love to decorate the hall too but I may be pushing my luck on this one so we’ll call it quits for the moment until I get the above done

What plans do you have for 2013?

This one pays the bills

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