The 50 book challenge and 365 photo challenge

50 book challengeI stumbled across this post by accident which is possibly the best way to find things to do really, serendipity and all that.

Anyway the ONE thing I have truley missed since the girls joyous arrival in our lives is the pleasure of reading. When I used to commute to London I would always have a book on the go and could easily devour one a week using the return commute to London as my reading time.

Then two little people arrived and I have a four year hole in the reading part of my brain (blogs don’t count!) I have piles of books that mum or my sister in law, also avid readers, have passed on to me so I have no problems with material to read it’s time that is the problem.

So seeing as I am declaring 2013 as back to me year and dedicating more time to me and the girls and the family as a whole, I can also carve out the odd half an hour to fulfill this passion of mine.

13497818The last book I started over the summer was the notorious 50 shades of grey which ended up in my bin. I promise you, I threw it out. If I am to spend my precious time reading then it has to be an excellent and gripping book so I promise to write the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth with regards to any reviews I may write.

I received Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling for Chirstmas so I’m going to make a start on that. If you’re interested in taking part (If you don’t get to 50 it’s not a problem, you’re only up against yourself) please head over to Mama Owl and leave a comment on her blog.

My second project I shall be undertaking is 365 held over at The Boy and Me. It means one photo a day for a year and I shall be posting my photos on the blog on Saturdays. I got as far as April in 2011, last year I didn’t bother so this year, fresh start let’s see how I get on.

Both of the above projects are open to everyone you don’t have to be a blogger so please click through if you’re interested.
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