Creamy chicken gratin: easy combination oven recipes

Panasonic intelligent mums 2012The Panasonic Intelligent Living Mums group had a second visit to the Bracknell offices in December and the whole session was focused on their microwave combination ovens.

I am sooooo impressed.

My old microwave is a hand me down that has been shunted around the family for about 15 years now, it was on it’s last legs but in all honesty I hardly ever used it so buying a new one just to look pretty seemed a bit excessive.

Whilst we were there it was very hands on as we used the microwave ovens to make lunch; I roasted a chicken in 50 minutes using all three elements of the oven, microwave, grill and convection oven. It was really succulent as well.

Easy combination oven recipes

Penny and Monika made a delicious vegetable curry that I will definitely be trying in the new year, Clare and Filippa made a bolognaise sauce from scratch, a second cheat’s bolognaise sauce was made using a jar of tomato sauce which was just as delicious and some chocolate brownies were made which were heavenly.

This was all to show just how verstaile the Panasonic microwaves are, how much time they can shave off your normal cooking time and what fabulous finished products they produce.

whole roast chicken in Panasonic combi oven

Whole Roast Chicken in a combi oven

  1. Unpack the chicken from it’s plastic and weigh it – what I didn’t realise is the huge difference in weight from the automated supermarket label and the actual weight of the bird. My ticket said 1.35 and the scales said 1.65 – this would make the difference in a cooked chicken or uncooked when using a microwave.
  2. Place chicken breast down to keep the bird moist. Place in oven set timer for minutes cooking per weight of bird
  3. Microwave will beep half way through to let you know to turn the bird over, this will nicely crisp the top
  4. Final beep, remove chicken form oven and serve, It was delicious and moister than a normal oven would cook

whole roast chicken panasonic combi oven

THEN Panasonic sent me my own NN-CF771 to try out and I am beside myself with joy. I used it straight away to make

panasonic combi oven NN- cf771

Creamy Chicken Gratin

and you won’t believe how easy and quick it was. 40 minutes total and hardly any work

You will need:
Oven accessory – base of the oven then wire shelf in lower position
Dish – 9″ gratin dish/glass pyrex
350g leeks
25g butter
2 tbsps plain flour
300 ml milk
225g cooked chicken (I microwaved 500g in the microwave on MEDIUM for 12 minutes)
100 g chopped ham
175g gryere cheese – I used cheddar

Slice the leeks and place in a large bowl with the butter. Cover and cook on HIGH microwave for 3-4 mintues

creamy chicken gratin panasonic combi oven

Add the flour and mix well. Stir in the milk and heat on HIGH microwave for 4-5 mins until thickened. Stir halfway through.

creamy chicken gratin panasonic combi oven

Add the chicken, ham and cheese. Season and mix well (I added a handful of chopped mushrooms that needed using too.

Pour into the dish. Place on wire shelf and cook on CONVECTION 230C + Grill 3 + LOW MICROWAVE for 15 – 20 minutes.

creamy chicken gratin panasonic combi oven

Look at these beauties Almond topped mince pies….

almond topped mince pies

Check out Panasonic’s The Ideas Kitchen where you can find recipes, tips and ideas to use all of your appliances. The Ideas Kitchen blog is currently showing Clementine and polenta sponge which sounds delicious. There are lots of videos showing you how to make the most of your products and competitions too.

Disclosure: Panasonic sent me a combi oven for the purpose of this review, there will be more to follow as I am so impressed with it

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