Which wines to drink with Christmas dinner?

asda winesIf you happen to be shopping in Asda over the next few days and your trolley happens to take you down the wine aisle, as it sometimes does, you might want to keep an eye out for their brand new range ‘The Wine Selection.

I was recently sent 6 bottles from the range to try as I was unable to make it to the launch event in London so please find my thoughts on the ones I tried here

Margaret River Semillon Sauvignon Blanc

I love white wine, I also love Sauvignon so this was bound to be a winner for me and it was, crisp and refreshing and the notes on Asda wine say ‘blends flowery aromas with bursts of citrus’ well we’d have to ask Knackered Mother about that but it definitely got the Mari’s World seal of approval 9/10. Dry and refreshing sells at £5.98

Chardonnay Pays d’Oo

I think Chardonnay must be my very favourite white wine especially an oaked one as I love the stronger flavour the oak brings out. I can’t find the exact bottle on the site that they sent me (probably my fault) but there are a selection of very fine Chardonnay’s retailing at about £5.00 a bottle. Mari’s World vote 10/10

Chilean Syrah Rose

I will always go for white over rose as many do and that’s a bit unfair as there are some extremely good rose wines out there so I’m happy to be pushed into drinking a rose every now and then so long as it’s a good one. Sometimes they are too sweet and stand neither here nor there in my opinion. Luckily the Syrah rose from the Wine Selection range is good. I thoroughly enjoyed drinking this wine, it is fruity but dry and elegant with it. Retails at £4.00 Mari’s World vote 7/10

Old Vine Garnacha – Carenina

Beautiful bottle and would make a perfect present to a red wine lover, this red gets top marks from me. A full bodied red Spanish wine  from Zaragoza in eastern Spain it is a concentration of fruity full flavour, perfect to accompany roasts and big meals. Was £7.98 now down to £5.00 – top marks from Mari’s World 10/10

Barossa Valley – Shiraz

Another superb red from the range and only £5.00 a bottle. Rich and full bodied with spice and brambly flavours this got the thumbs up from all who tasted Mari’s world vote 9/10

Spanish Cabernet Sauvignon

A perfectly decent Cabernet Sauvignon from Spain retailing at £4.00 a soft red wine with fruity flavours Mari’s World vote 8/10

So if you’re looking to stock up on wine for Crimbo take a look down the Asda aisle you’ll be amazed at the superb wines you can get for decent prices

Disclosure: I was sent 6 bottles of wine by Asda, I didn’t have to write a post but I enjoyed them all and thought I’d pass the tip on

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  1. Helen McGinn
    December 20, 2012 / 9:48 AM

    Mari, your seal of approval is worth more than words on the back label! Loving your scores x

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