Ferrero Rocher and wine

ferrero rocher Anyone who knows me will tell you that wine and chocolate are my two favourite things in the whole wide world so when an email landed in my inbox asking me if I’d like to host a wine and chocolate tasting party, I squealed with delight.

Ferrero Rocher sent me a hamper with wine and boxes of their delicious chocolates and I invited some of the girls round to find their opinions on the wines and more importantly the chocolate.

Three kinds of Ferrero Rocher chocolates needed tasting, white, milk (the classic) and dark. We were in for a busy night…


Matched with Martini Asti NV from the Piedmont region of Italy.

Our first taste and everyone LOVED the Martini Asti, for most it reminded them of their mums who love the stuff. Out of 6 tasters 2 declared the Raffaello as their favourite.

ferrero rocher

Classic Gold Ferrero Rocher

Matched with Croix Milhas Rivesaltes Ambre‘ (Languedoc-Roussillon, France) a spicy sweet wine that has been aged in a cask.

Now I loved this wine but some of my tasters don’t like sweet wine and although they tasted with their Classic FR they left it to one side.. Out of 6 tasters 2 declared the Classic Gold Ferrero Rocher as their favourite.

Ferrero Rond Noir

Matched with Dows Finest Reserve Port much to the delight of my Other Half as he’s rather partial to a glass of Port come Christmas time.

This was my preferred Ferrero Rocher out of the three along with one other taster which really evens out the numbers fairly. Not all tasters drank their port and I think overall my tasters agreed that delicious chocolates but can be eaten with one’s favourite wine anyway – we are so easy to please!

ferrero rocher

The London Academy of wine had been brought in to oversee and lend some excellent advice on the art of food and wine matching and here are some of their top tips

  • Make sure the wine is at least as sweet as the food.
  • Weight (technical term for strength of flavour) is crucial, certain grapes are more concentrated or ‘heavier’ than others, a light sushi dish will be completely overpowered by a heavy wine whereas a 70% dark chocolate needs a heavy red.
  • Pair chocolate and wine according to the darkness of the chocolate, the darker the chocolate, the darker the wine

Ferrero Rocher have been in the chocolate business since 1982, what comes to my mind is the butler ‘Ambrogio’ and I kept asking the girls last night if they remembered him too but they all looked at me blankly so I Googled him today and of course they wouldn’t have known Ambrogio, he was on the Italian adverts that I watched every Christmas in Italy! Which incidentally created huge discussion about the ‘socio-economic targeting of the advertisement‘ *raises eyebrows* ‘It’s chocolate and they’re having fun with it, why does everything have to be pulled to pieces by experts?’

Here take a look at the ad yourself and let me know if you’re offended by it

And if they thought that was offensive check out Ambrogio in the Italian ad – I love it!

Disclosure: I was sent the above hamper to share with some friends. I’d like to thank Ferrero Rocher for treating us to a lovely evening and a massive thank you to my school mums who gave up their time to come and help me out on this difficult task.


  1. wine guy
    December 7, 2012 / 3:04 PM

    There’s nothing as fine as a glass of California Wine Club, Put the taste buds to the test and sit back and rest, Chocolates to fill your belly and maybe some telly

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