Weight Watchers recipe books for a healthy lifestyle

weight watchers booksWe all love good food and we all eat too much of it, I am guilty as charged and I know that come 1st January it will be time to take a look at what I am eating (portion sizes in particular) and start to cut back a bit if I want to fit in my wedding dress come 9th March!

If you know someone who is most likely to be cutting back in January this could be the ideal gift – the Weight Watchers cookery books.

I’ve been sent three to have a look at and I am very impressed, I showed my mum who is a massive Weight Watchers fan and she already owns two of them. Every time we talk on the phone she now rattles off the recipes she loves ‘which you must mention in your review

So I phoned her yesterday and she told me that a group of her Weight Watchers ladies get together once every couple of months and prepare meals from the books at each others houses, a kind of Come dine with me but Weight Watchers style. A three course meal where all the points have been counted so each guest knows what they’re eating and has points left over to account for breakfast and dinner too.

So you see there’s no need to go without, you simply have to adjust your lifestyle.

The Complete Kitchen - Weight WatchersThe Complete Kitchen

The first book is the ultimate guide to cooking the Weight Watchers way. 250 pages of fabulous recipes to choose from including all different kinds of ideas from breakfast to desserts. Come January I shall be trying some of the recipes to share with you but in the meantime mum’s favourites are

Curried Nordic Meatballs                                                 p 128
Wine glazed duck breasts with figs                                  p 134
Chicken breast stuffed with olives and goats cheese      p 146
Caramelised pepper and houmus wrap                          p 148
Speedy syrup sponge puds                                             p 208

I also love the ‘goes with anything gravy‘ on page 15 and the ‘perfect roast potatoes‘ on page 104

Mum says – ‘A good dinner party would be a light soup followed by the duck dish and then the syrup puds – yummy!’

Fresh and easy everyday - Weight WatchersFresh and easy every day

is the second book I’m taking a look at as mum also has this one and uses it a lot. 90 inspiring recipes for the ProPoints plan and here is her list of her top favourites

Cheesy Avocado and ham salad            p 10
Catalan chicken                                      p 70
Salmon and prawn bake                         p 90
Rum and raisin rice pud                          p106
She goes on to say..
‘For my weight watchers lunch I made a butternut squash soup with ginger and pear, followed my version of ‘shepherd’s pie with the ‘goes with anything gravy’ followed by my own recipe for individual cheesecakes which I served with two fruit coulis (strawberry and mango).  It was delicious and with a total points value of 10.  If you want my recipe I will send it to you. – Yes please mum we’d love that thanks!

One Pot Meals - weight watchersOne pot meals

is the third book I have been sent to look at and I do love a one pot meal, they’re perfect for mums who haven’t got all day to spend in the kitchen but want to put a healthy meal on the table of an evening. Including 60 delicious recipes

So fancy joining me in January? Cooking but with healthy recipes and portion control at the top of the agenda? Why not pop one of these on your Christmas wish list and then you’ll see why I think they’re so great. You can buy them online at the Weight Watchers shop along with a host of other goodies too and here are a few of the recipes that have caught my eye  that I want to try – what do you think? Come dine with Mari?

Squid and chorizo pasta – 10 propoints
Thai mussel pot – 6 propoints
Asian pork patties with coriander rice – 11 propoints
Sage and onion toad in the hole – 10 propints
Mushroom, leek and chestnut crumble – 6 propoints
Stilton stuffed mushrooms in filo – 7 propoints
Spring vegetable risotto – 9 propoints


  1. December 5, 2012 / 11:38 AM

    Which one would be best for my mu who lives on her own?

    • Mari
      December 5, 2012 / 1:55 PM

      The complete kitchen is packed of recipes that serve just 1 or 2 people and it covers every meal, I’d go for that one ;)

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