Britax; KidFix SICT keeping the kids safe in the car

britax mumbassadorBack over the summer Britax contacted me and asked if I’d like to be a Britax Mumbassador, I replied I’d love to but the girls are 4 now so maybe I’m out of the age group you’re looking for?

Little did I know their car seat range includes groups 2 and 3 meaning car seats for children aged 4 – 12 years old.

I think we all spend so much time worrying when the baby (or in my case babies) arrive as to how we’re going to transport them that watching them grow our guard goes down and we think they are safe in the back with just a seat belt on. Personally as the girls grow out of their current seats which would have been in a year or two I was contemplating buying them a booster seat so they could look out of the window and strap them in with seatbelts THEN Britax asked me to choose a KidFix SICT from their range….

I chose a Cowmooflage print seat which has since been replaced with the uber sexy Zebra print, but my eye is also drawn towards the new addition of the dark grape print too.

Britax Kidfix SICT in car

The more I read and learn about the KidFix SICT the more I am impressed with the product and horrified that I was going to do without. Car seats can save our children’s lives, our children are our most precious treasure, it therefore makes sense that we would invest money to protect them in every situation we can and the car is an absolute must. If you watch the video below explaining the theory behind SICT you can see for yourself how this investment can mean the difference between living or not.

The seat arrived in an enormous box and I was surprised at the width across the top and in fact a bit of research revealed SICT stands for Side Impact Cushion Technology which Britax developed to provide superior impact protection.

Which let’s face it is why we invest in a car seats for our children.

VERY simple to set up in the car with the use of ISOFIT bars connecting the seat to the chassis of the car, then using the seat belt to strap the child firmly into place. That’s it! There are also some very handy videos on the Britax website to help install seats easily.

Britax Kidfix SICT in car

Now the only problem we have is who sits in the ‘cow’ as you can imagine it is the most desired seat in the car and to avoid arguments we have decided on one child on the go journey and the other on the return journey but I am so impressed with this model I am seriously considering the zebra…or would you go for the dark grape?

Keep your kids safe and think again about car seats ;)


  1. Ali
    October 16, 2013 / 8:54 AM

    Hi, you might just want to check the belt routing, both the lap and diagonal part of the belts need to be tucked under the horns. It’s a great one with screw out sides for my daughter and am very happy with, I’ve just got the no

  2. March 13, 2014 / 5:27 PM


    Just to let you know if you haven’t found out already, but the chest belt also needs to route under the ‘horn’ on the buckle side.

    Love the article!


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