The Lion King stage production – London Lyceum

Lion King Lyceum LondonQuite a while back I entered a competition to win two tickets to the stage production of The Lion King in London on Really Kid Friendly blog which you must check out for all sorts of ideas on how to keep kids entertained, ideas on where to take them and of course competitions too.

I won!

Out of the 68 comments I won and I was thrilled to bits as Paul and I took Oldest Daughter to see it when we first got together, she was 14 at the time and had been living with us for a while, she may admit to it now but at the time she wasn’t too excited at being taken to a ‘kids show’. I might go as far as to say she was dragging her feet up to London with me constantly telling her ‘Just wait, you’re going to love it!’ to that teenage look that says, ‘Mum, you have no idea what I like anymore.’ *sigh* teenagers eh?

Result? She LOVED it and enthused non stop all the train journey back home. (I told you so)

Therefore, The Lion King stage production has always been high on my list of things to do with the girls.

It is expensive, there’s no getting away from that. We had seats in the grand circle this time and they cost the best part of £50.00 each. In fact I must say a huge thank you to the PR company as when they heard I had twins they stretched it to 3 tickets and straight after booking them they emailed me so I was able to get one of the seats they had left free either side of our booking for daddy to come too.

Another quick note to mention how super easy it is to book the tickets online and choose your own seats.

lion king lyceum london

But it is worth every penny, in fact having initially seen the show before from the Stalls I would thoroughly recommend paying the extra and sitting there. Why? If I tell you I’ll be giving away an enormous surprise that can’t be seen from the Gods. Trust me and be amazed ;)

The theatre is an experience I remember very well from my own childhood when my dad would take me to the Old Vic or the Young Vic and we watched Shakespeare, A chous line and many other plays come to life, those memories stuck with me and gave me a passion for seeing live shows, I’d like to make memories for my daughters too, this was a perfect start.

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