Twin time – 1st term of Big School

It’s time for a catch up on the twins very nicely prompted by Fiona at Coombe Mill who you must nip over and see as she owns and runs a fabulous farm guest house in North Cornwall, the perfect holiday spot for families who want to get close to the animals. Fiona is holding the next #MultipleMayhem¬†carnival on 3rd December.

twins aged 4 and a bit

We have successfully completed our first half term and enjoyed our first half term break although there was a little confusion as to why we weren’t going to school and misunderstandings about going on a school trip (?)

The girls are really coming into their own now and although Alice remains the shier of the two girls she is getting more and more confident.

twins 4 and a bit

I have the feeling Alice is a bit of a worrier as she doesn’t shout out her answers as loudly and clearly as her sister but mumbles them almost as if she’s afraid she’s getting them wrong at times. If I prompt her too vigorously it makes her even more quieter than she was before so I have to use a gentle coaxing method with her with lots of kind prompting, on the other hand Bessie is the opposite, often interrupting and answering her sister’s questions and upsetting her at the same time!

The girls get on very well together and 99% of the time life is sweet but we do have the odd occasion, sometimes when one of them is just feeling the desire to wind up her sister to see how far she can take it – very annoying. On occasions they will get tearful, moany and irritable, not the best combination to deal with but I find good old CBeebies is marvellous at helping me out and calming them down.

learning to write

We have played games on the laptop which they love, they like playing with their Nintendo DS and are getting the hang of the games slowly and they also adore playing with their fairies or princesses. For Christmas this year Paul and I have bought them a Leappad 2 each. I am hoping this will help them learn to read as I want to add on some books. Count, add up and subtract with a cartridge game and learn their way around using a tablet. I’ve heard different views on this product, some parents wish they’d never bought it as their child hasn’t taken to it at all and others love them saying they are constantly running out of batteries! Luckily for me the Leappad 2 has a battery charger.

Out of school activities include swimming lessons on a Saturday morning and gymnastics on a Tuesday evening. I did take them to street dance lessons last half term on a Monday evening but it was all a bit too much so for the moment we’ve dropped dance.

halloween costumes

I love the way they are learning without realising it, last night as we had bath time they ran me through all the opposites they could think of (the theme for developing their social, emotional and behavioural skills this term ‘ Getting on and falling out.’) Big – small, long – short and so on. We are sent home reading books to read every night, right now they are picture books and I get each one to tell me the story as we turn the pages, all three of us snug on the sofa.

Last term we learnt the letters s,a,t,p,i,n and this term the letters will be m,d,g,o,c,k,ck then I imagine we’ll start to see words cropping up. I find this very exciting and love watching how they absorb everything so easily. Next update due around Christmas time thanks for reading.

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Multiples Mayhem from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. HonestMum
    November 14, 2012 / 12:05 PM

    They are too sweet!

    • Mari
      November 15, 2012 / 5:54 PM

      Thank you xx

  2. coombemill
    November 14, 2012 / 1:09 PM

    Gorgeous girls that sound like they are settling into school just fine. The fact they have very different characters from my experience is the norm and over time I’m sure Alice will learn to cope and learn from her more confident sister at school and flourish in her own time when she is more confident with school and her own ability there.

    • Mari
      November 15, 2012 / 5:55 PM

      I know you are right and I’m happy they are ‘different’, since I wrote that post I keep thinking of other things I’d like to record for the day I am old and grey and want to look back ;) Thanks for holding the #MM

      • Coombe Mill (Fiona)
        November 28, 2012 / 11:17 AM

        Thanks for the lovely introduction too x

  3. Susan Mann
    November 14, 2012 / 10:55 PM

    Aww they are adorable. I have twin nieces and they love being at school together. Glad they are settling in well x

    • Mari
      November 15, 2012 / 5:56 PM

      Thanks Susan

  4. Carol Read
    November 15, 2012 / 5:01 PM

    Seeing the photos of Bessie and Alice growing up brings sunshine to my day

    • Mari
      November 15, 2012 / 5:56 PM

      I am so late in replying to your letter I got int he summer! So very sorry. I shall get round to it tout suite and in the meantime a hug and a kiss from me xx

  5. Multiples Mom
    November 21, 2012 / 5:43 AM

    They are very sweet. I saw your blog on Pinterest. Please start linking to Multiples Monday on Capri + 3 each week. I hope to see you there.

    : 0 ) Theresa

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