Pumpkin Pal Teddy from Build A Bear

Pumpkin Pal teddy Build a bear

Aren’t they gorgeous? And their fur is so soft. Alice has called hers Pumpky and Bessie hers Pumpkin, I know the imagination rocks in this house but you can’t deny how adorable they are, the Pumpkin Pals that is.

Build A Bear have brought out a range of products for Halloween and with the children off school (mine next week) this could be the perfect treat for good children the emphasis being on Good, ‘Behave yourselves and you might get a surprise.’ kind of good. It’s also not a scary treat so if you have a frightened child a little bewildered by all the blood, ghosts and gore out there, this could be a wonderful introduction into the fun world of Halloween.

I know my two recently have become scared of the dark where they never were before, some films frighten them and although they are right up for dressing up as witches and accepting sweets from strangers in their bright orange buckets, I’m not sure they will handle the full-on Halloween fright so this year I intend to keep it soft and Pumpkin Pal is perfect for this. I think monster eyeball cake pops and bleeding finger biscuits can wait a couple of years whilst we focus on carving pumpkins, making spiders with pipe cleaners and cutting out a black witch silhouette for our porch to frighten the postie.

pumpkin pal teddy build a bear

Pumpkin Pal Teddy costs £13.50 or you could choose Hello Kitty for £20 and then there’s a whole range of clothes and accessories to choose from to kit teddy out.

The experience of Build-a-Bear is really quite something. The children will keep it with them for a long time; my two still remember theirs from May this year and by personally overseeing the lengthy process of making a bear, including a heart and the final fluffing they create a special bond with the bear they take home. Our two Build A Bear teddies sit in prime position on the beds and are often chosen to participate in teddy bear tea parties.

pumpkin pal

We heart our Pumpkin Pal teddies

Disclosure: We were sent two Pumpkin Pal teddies and we loved them so much we thought we’d tell you all about them

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  1. October 26, 2012 / 2:16 PM

    oh they are gorgeous!

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