Panasonic Milano shaver

Panasonic intelligent living mumsThe man of the house gets a poor deal when it comes to reviewing products, I mean, bless him, he does give valuable input into the holidays we have had and food we have tried, he also plays with lots of the toys too but he doesn’t get a lot of things to try himself.

So when on my Panasonic day out in September I brought home a Panasonic Milano Shaver I was very pleased for him especially as he had been moaning about the one he had for a while. I chose Arsenal red for him ;)

Other Half dry shaves but this baby can be used in the shower too and it has a whole load of product features too

Panasonic Milano Shaver (ESSL41A)

  • Panasonic Wet/DRY Men Shaver for wet shaving with lather or for dry shaving
  • 3-blade cutting system, new Milano design
  • Curved multi-fit arc shaving head foils and 30° nano-polished inner blades
  • Easy to charge and store
  • Hygienic Water-through Head

Paul from Panasonic even demonstrated this gadget to us during our day but it wasn’t until the Man of the House got it out and put it through it’s paces could I come back with a true review.

panasonic milano shaver

He liked it! He’s not a man of many words but his verdict was ‘It’s alright’ (That’s good for him) I pushed further trying to get a morsel of information out of him and he came up with this nugget ‘It’s good all over my face but it takes a lot longer on my neck to get to the more difficult hair.’ deeper investigation proved this is the case for most of the shavers he’s ever owned though.

panasonic milano shaver

That is all I have for you.

Secretly I have noticed that the sexy Panasonic Milano shaver has become his preferred one, the other one lies sadly abandoned on the shelf to be kept as a reserve and not many of you can boast this gadget on your kitchen side charging up once a week can you?

panasonic milano shaver

My thoughts for what they’re worth

  • I like the colour (there’s also blue, white and black)
  • I love the name Milano and it feels sexy so would make a great present.
  • The price is around £80 depending where you buy but it’s a superior quality see Mummy Mummy Mum‘s husbands review a lot more prolific than my other half

Disclosure: Thanks Panasonic for giving something to the man of the house to review for once, he’s very pleased.

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