Brain Noodles and It’s a Chicken – toys by Paul Lamonde

Brain Noodles Paul LamondePaul Lamonde has been making games and puzzles for over twenty five years, you might not know them by name, but walk into any shop selling games and puzzles and you will see some of their products.

The games they make are educational, entertaining and most of all fun. Quality is of paramount importance and the games and puzzles are built to last for years of great entertainment.

The biggest Paul Lamonde news this year is the re-launch of their famous Subbuteo, I grew up with our lounge floor covered with a green mat, tiny plastic players and my two brothers flicking their players across the pitch to score goals. They loved it and so did my mum as it kept them quiet for hours on end.

The classic game is back featuring a higher quality playing pitch, flexible players (no more Superglue if you lean on one!) all new accessories and fully licensed premier league teams with an unprecedented level of detail. Worth checking out if you have football fans in your home.

Subbuteo Play Set - Paul Lamond Games

I have been asked to review two games for children aged 5+  It’s a Chicken (SRP £10.95) and Brain Noodles (SRP £12.95), bright, bendable fluffy jumbo noodles which can be transformed into fun shapes and sculptures.

Brain Noodles – Paul Lamonde

Out of the two boxes the girls chose to go for Brain Noodles first. Attracted by the fluffy colourful ‘noodles’ and the hands on game they chose an animal each and we proceeded to construct them. This is a relatively easy game but I did have to make the animals for them , I think in a year or two they’d be able to make their own but now aged 4 they needed help.

Brain Noodles Paul Lamonde

The beauty of Paul Lamonde’s Brain Noodles is once the animal is made children can then play with them and keep them forever. Bessie chose the turtle and this required some glue which soon became unstuck so I have been looking into a way to connect the noodles without glue. Brain Noodles RRP £12.95

Brain Noodles Paul Lamonde

It’s a Chicken – Paul Lamonde

This is a fun and exciting drawing game for children where the other players have to guess what you are drawing. Therefore enhancing drawing skills, holding a pencil and imagination at the same time. The game has pre-printed sheets with circles on them to make it easier to start.

It's a Chicken - Paul lamonde

The youngest player goes first and throws the dice which is colour coded to match the suggestions on the cards. The word card is chosen and the player then has to draw the prompt choosing one of the four circled sheets to help them. The timer is set and when time is running out the chicken will cluck to let the artist know.

It's a Chicken paul lamonde

I haven’t played this one with the girls yet, I’m keeping it for Christmas as I think after a term at school, learning to use pencils and becoming more confident writing and drawing this would be the perfect game to find under the tree. It’s a Chicken RRP £10.95

Disclosure – I was sent It’s a Chicken and Brain Noodles to review. I liked them and will be looking into more Paul Lamonde games in the future

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