Bedroom makeover – a dream starting to take form

bed laura ashleyI have this thing where as I am coming to completion of redecorating one room I turn my mind to starting the next and I get ideas, loads of them and start getting really excited.

Drawbacks of this burst of enthusiasm are a steady slowdown on the actual room I’m working on coming to a standstill over summer.

The girls room, all that needs finishing is the woodwork. I bought the paint, new brushes and rollers at the beginning of the sumer, I mean with all that bad weather we had it would have been the perfect opportunity to crack on and complete the job right?


I haven’t lifted one single finger, at least paint doesn’t go off and of course now that the girls will shortly be at school it will give me all the time I need to finish off their bedroom.

Anyway, back to the next project…I was thinking of our bedroom. It’s the same magnolia that it was when we moved in and it’s boring me more and more. I’ve been thinking of colour schemes and I like grey, dark blue and white. I’ve been wondering about getting some shiny wallpaper to try a ‘feature wall’ which I have never had a go at yet but I suppose you have to sooner or later but would OH be able to put it up or would it just cause massive arguments?

I’ve been thinking about something behind the bed.

I’m not too keen on the huge hotel-like headboards, they’re nice in hotels but not in my home. I was wondering about a large print on the wall.

alice bed laura ashley

Talking of beds when I chose the single beds for the girls room I opted for day beds which I still love although they are quite big in the room. I’d like to wrap some lights around the back one day but I’m a  bit wary about electricity so close to them.

We have a double bed right now in our room, no headboard and no footer either. I’ll definitely stay without a footer as I like to feel the bottom of the bed and a footer makes me feel ‘cramped’ mind you I’d like to upgrade to a King size bed, that would be awesome.

OH isn’t too pleased to have cushions either, he ‘can’t see the point’ of them *sigh* whereas you and I know they add colour and warmth to an environment.

Well, I’d best complete the girls room first but these are the ideas I’m having and this paid for post will add a few pennies to the pot ;)

bed laura ashley


  1. Jen
    September 14, 2012 / 6:02 PM

    Good luck with your bedroom makeover. I’d definitely recommend a feature wallpaper wall behind the bed! Or a large piece of art. Farrow and Ball have some great ideas for painting a feature behind a bed. Check out their website!

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