Pizza by Sevi

Sevi pizza wooden toyIt’s toy box Tuesday and this week for John Crane we are reviewing the pizza made by the Italian company Sevi.

You may remember a while back I reviewed the girls playing with the Sevi hamburger tray and as with all the Sevi products their pizza is just as colourful and just as well made.

I decided as I was going to Italy this weekend, the birthplace of the pizza, I would take my Sevi toy with me and let Gracey, my granddaughter, tell us what she thought about it.

We opened it up together and the first part to catch her eye was the round pizza cutting wheel. I showed her how to pretend cut the pizza and she was off, everyone was then served slices of pizza.

The plate and pizza portions are made out of wood and to make the game more exciting you have a collection of food pieces to make your pizza up with including cheese portions, tomato, onion rings, chillies, mushrooms, salami and ham. There are a few leaves of basil and two little fishes which we pretended were tuna fish.

Gracey spent a long time playing with her pizza. We spoke about making different pizzas with the various toppings and we were able to talk about the foods she likes to eat too which is great for encouraging children to try new tastes.

Sevi pizza portion

The pizza also comes with a green napkin and we played at cleaning our mouths after eating. We also used the napkin to serve the portions to mummy and daddy.

sevi pizza role playing

Left to her own devices, Gracey made a tower of pizza slices (Leaning Tower of Pizza ha ha!) and she would place all of the food on a slice to offer us which she thought was hilarious.

leaning tower of pizza

The toy can be found at various retailers for around £19.99, visit the John Crane Sevi Pizza page to find the retailer closest to you

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  1. September 4, 2012 / 9:51 AM

    Very cool but it’s making me hungry!

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