Ferries to France – Brittany Ferries a review

Normandie Brittany FerriesIt seems a lifetime ago now that we were in France and enjoying our Siblu holiday in France at Bonne Anse Plage and as an extra to that holiday we were asked to review a Brittany Ferries crossing from Portsmouth to Caen.

Now as we practically live on the Eurotunnel doorstep it made more sense for us to make our own way down departure day, we could rise at the crack of dawn and be opening a beer by 4pm in our holiday home but for our return we were allocated an overnight crossing and decided to see what it was all about, after all we both love a ferry crossing and rarely these days get to do one.

We arrived in the town of Caen early and decided to eat before the 9pm boarding our last plate of moules marinieres for a while and then we visited check in at the port to find out which cabin would be ours. We were efficiently ushered on board and once parked we took our overnight bag and made our way to our overnight accommodation.

waiting to board in Caen

A neat and tidy room with four bunks, a window and a bathroom, the girls LOVED it and wanted the top bunks but as there were no guards we made them sleep below. Before retiring for the night, we explored the ferry and found some great bars and eateries, a children’s room with soft play and drawing tables too. There was an onboard Duty Free and I treated myself to a perfume only to find I could have bought it cheaper from a high street chemist which was annoying.

Brittany Ferries

It ended up being quite a late night for us seeing as we didn’t board until 9pm so we all gratefully crawled into our comfortable bunks when the time came.

Brittany Ferries onboard pics

The alarm in the morning is soft, pleasant music coming through the system and a few warnings that we are approaching land at 5.30am! THAT ladies and gentlemen is early in my book but needs must so we woke, got the girls up and ventured out on the search for some breakfast. There were plenty of places to choose from and plenty of time to eat too. I’m not chatty at the best of times in the morning but at that time of day forget it.

The ferry was brought into port, the cars drove off and before we knew it we were back in a very grey and wet UK after such an amazing holiday.

Brittany Ferries pics

I was very impressed with Brittany Ferries, the room was clean and comfortable, I’d have liked to ask the captain to let me sleep a bit longer but hey-ho you can’t have everything in life.

For us, it wasn’t the best option as we live so close to the Eurotunnel, had we carried on up the motorway to Calais we’d have been home the same day as leaving La Palmyre BUT for anyone living to the west or north of the UK and travelling to France this would be the perfect option and cut out a hell of a lot of mileage for you and therefore cost of petrol too. I would definitely consider it in that case. It would also save you travelling time  and when we’re talking holidays this is of utmost importance.

I can assure you the staff on board were all incredibly professional, I didn’t hear any noise around me from other rooms and our crossing was very a smooth experience from start to finish.

melon au port - Caen

Last supper, I ordered Melon au Port wondering how a port would serve melon and they served it quite simply by filling it with a glass of port! Should have guessed that one!

Disclosure – We were offered a return journey by Brittany Ferries, we only took half for reasons explained above and if you are closer to Portsmouth than the Eurotunnel and heading south into France this would be the ideal means of getting there in a relaxed and leisurely fashion.



  1. August 1, 2012 / 7:34 AM

    Can’t beat a good ferry crossing, apart from the one we did in Norway last year where we had a cabin without windows… so claustrophobic! :D 

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