Make your own ice lollies

zoku lollyWe’ve been making ice lollies!

After all it is the perfect weather to do so and there are plenty of recipes for fun lollies out there. About a month ago Lakeland sent me a Zoku to try and that’s precisely when Britain decided to start a summer of torrential rain, not quite ice lolly inducing in all honesty, so my Zoku remained in its box.

Then the jolly old sunshine decided to return to our British Isles and wow, the Zoku has really come into its own.

It really is simple to use and the variations of lollies are infinitive. We started with plain old apple juice to get the hang of it.

zoku testing

Your first step is to put your Zoku in the freezer for 24 hours for the first time and about 10 hours after that.

zoku in the freezer

Then standing it on the kitchen worktop – no electricity required – you place the lolly sticks in, which are held in place by an indentation around the lip.

Using a jug, fill the ice lolly container NO FURTHER THAN THE LIP – I did on my first trial and had to defrost the whole device to get my juice back out as it was impossible to pull the lolly out. Not good with inquisitive twins waiting for lollies I can tell you!

zoku sticks and juice in

You can watch the juice freeze and once you see it’s hardened, in about 7 minutes, get your Zoku screw top and unscrew the lolly out of the maker et voila’ your ice lolly is ready to go.


There is even a Zoku book with loads of fabulous recipes for you to make. Once you become a bit of a dab hand at them you can make rainbow stripes, or diagonals. You can coat in chocolate and then in nuts in fact there are endless variations. Wine lollies anyone?

Angle zoku lolly

The lollies are cheap and quick to make the Zoku is easy to use – just make sure you follow all the rules and you will always have ice lollies to hand.

zoku single pop makers

The single pop maker is £19.99 and available in beautiful rainbow colours from your local Lakeland or you can get the Quick pop maker that makes three at a time!

If you’re really into Zoku pop making there is a Zoku tool kit to really make your lolly pops come alive

zoku tool kit

Disclosure – Lakeland sent me this product to review, we did and we liked it

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