Ben and Holly’s Little Castle Magical Playset review

Ben and Holly Magical Castle Playset The girls have been avid watchers of Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom for a long time now, we already have a DVD and for one party we were invited to the gift chosen was Gaston’s cave which could be dirty and tided up, it proved to be a successful idea.

Whilst we were on holiday, Ben and Holly’s Little Castle Magical Playset was sent to us to review and it was only yesterday I actually found the time to get it out and review it with them.

It’s very easy to assemble as it comes in three pieces; a stand which is the garden and surrounding courtyard, the tower with doors which open up to show the various rooms and staircase and a turret to snap in on top. It comes with Ben and Holly figures obviously but a whole range of other figures are included too, including the King and Queen, Nanny Plum and Gaston the ladybird.

There are also two sheets of stickers but I haven’t had a chance to stick them on yet as I can’t get a look in!

This is the perfect age for the girls to be introduced to a tiny world, a world of miniatures which they seem fascinated with and they have been playing endlessly for the past two hours making up stories and using the magic wand to discover what it does in each room. I’ve heard them put Gaston to bed in Princess Holly’s bedroom as he was poorly, I’ve heard the King go off to work and the little ones saying goodbye and I heard Queen Thistle take Ben and Holly to preschool and tell them ‘Now be good won’t you’ do I really say that every day? I hadn’t noticed.

They have argued over who holds the wand but we got the timer out and are now practising our sharing but I can say they have payed beautifully together and are really pleased with their new toy.

I can see this toy being played with frequently but parts do come unstuck and their is a constant request to stick the stairs back on mummy, or the blanket on Holly’s bed *sigh*

My overall vote on this toy is a resounding 9/10 and I’d like to thank the PR company for sending me this toy which can be found on Internet between £25 – 30 in exchange for this review as the girls LOVE it. See our video!

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