Adventure on your Doorstep!

Backyard touristDo you ever have friends to stay and end up going places with them saying ‘I never knew this place existed!’  No one explores their locality; we all travel to London, the Seaside or even abroad for our days out and site seeing.  So The Backyard Tourist decided to break the mould…

I’m The Backyard Tourist and I live in the Nene Valley; my blog explores the Northamptonshire countryside, mainly the areas around the River Nene.  It’s a must see blog for anyone visiting the area.

My story today is a funny from my past, proving that adventure can and will happen on your doorstep!  In my late teens I was at university in Matlock.  A group of girls all used to go to aerobics each Wednesday, so this Wednesday was no different.  We all got ready, no doubt Lycra and leg warmers made an appearance (well it was the 80’s!), and we walked down the hill toward to hall.

Julie needed cash, so the six of us stopped by the Barclays cash point to wait whilst she popped in her PIN number and got the cash.  I was stood in the doorway sheltering from the wind, and looking at the large oak door, then noticing a key!  Yes the key to the bank was IN the door!

I exclaimed “Err…look!!” and we all wondered what to do.

After a brief discussion we took the key, to take to the local police station, but we’d be late for our exercise class.  So we went there first.  Key safely in my bag, we bopped, hopped and stretched for half an hour, then got changed.   Meanwhile it had dawned on us that we’d taken the key, but not checked the bank was locked, so we headed down the High Street and tried the door, it was locked.

Of course, after an exercise class we were thirsty, and what would be different to taking the key to the police now, or in half an hour?

An hour later we thought we had better get to the police station.

We giggled our way down the road, not drunk you understand, just a bit giggly and thinking about having the Barclays key in our midst.  We went to the front desk in the local Police Station, the conversation went a bit like this;

Us – We’ve found a key and would like to hand it in

Officer = Oh yes, where did you find it?

Us – In the door of the bank  (officers eyebrows raised..)

Officer – Mmmm…what time did you find the key?

Us – Six o’clock

Officer looks at his watch – that now says 9.30pm and his eyebrows raise even higher

Officer – So can you tell me what you have been doing with the key to the bank for the last three and a half hours?

Us – giggling, Well we went to Aerobics, then we always go for a drink afterwards……sir

He looked at us with even higher eyebrows and we all stood there, feeling like a row of six naughty school girls outside the head teachers office.

Officer – Is the bank locked?

Us – Oh yes!! We checked that after aerobics (yes as we said it we realised we sounded silly!)

This poor officer, bless him was very serious, he must have laughed his socks off the moment we were gone.  He took our details and the key and off we went home.

Helen DavisWe did get a letter from the bank saying thank you (no reward, as poor students we were unimpressed!) but the manager had locked up that night and just left the keys in the door, simple as that.  I bet he/she got into trouble!!

We did, all through the evening have an urge to go in and take a look but we never did….too scared!

So look for adventure in your own backyard I say!  You can always find something going on.


The Backyard Tourist is edited by Helen, who lives with her partner and stepson, she has two further stepsons and three step-grandchildren too!  Helen is surrogate mummy to Miska, the cat across the road and owns 12 tropical fish.  She loves being outdoors, especially on her boat! Tweet her

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